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WATCH: Karamo Brown on Son's Addiction and Overdose: "I Was Terrified" (VIDEO)

On a recent episode of KaramoKaramo Brown got candid about a tragic personal experience. With his son Jason in the wings, he shared details of Jason's struggles with addiction and subsequent overdose.

Brown explained:

My son was basically a great kid, grew up sweet; I have two sons. And one of my sons, I've had challenges with, but Jason was always the one that I'm always like, oh, everything's fine. He's great. He's good in school. He's awesome. And during the pandemic, I noticed that there was a little bit of isolation. 

Brown added that Jason's behavior worsened during this time. Eventually, when Jason didn't turn up for a flight to Texas, Brown went to confront his son. He said:

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And when I got to the apartment, I went up the stairs and the door was ajar. And I thought something was going on; I felt like maybe he had gotten robbed, we'd gotten robbed, or something was happening. I opened the door and it was a complete mess. The house was... the house was dirty and I saw my son laying on the door in cat litter foam coming out of his mouth and I sprung into... I'm sorry, y'all[....]

He broke off, visibly moved, before adding:

I don't know if you've ever experienced addiction in your own lives or a family member's, but when you find out what's going on, when you realize it's been happening and you didn't realize it, when you realize that you might lose someone, it just kills you inside. And I was terrified.

Watch Karamo open up below.