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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy Side Eyes Thomas’ Focus on Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 1, 2022
Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Forrester Creations: Hope and Paris are supervising the model fittings for the upcoming fashion show (at what point did Paris move away from being a social worker working with the charity fund?). Hope is grateful for her team.

Liam enters and Hope is thrilled at how well the preparation is going. Liam is SO proud of her, but he will be glad when it’s over so they can spend more time together (without Thomas). Hope get says she’s capable of taking care of herself. Liam rightfully doesn’t understand. He brings up when Thomas tried to kidnap her and let them think THEIR DAUGHTER WAS DEAD (Thank You!).

Liam reminds Hope he wants her to be successful. She says she has agreed to spend the weekend with Thomas, Douglas, and Beth at the Forrester mansion (really?). Hope plays at off wondering why Liam doesn’t understand how Douglas wants to spend quality time with his parents (for the love…).

Liam says this is how Thomas manipulates things. He and Brooke see it, why can’t she? He capitulates by saying he knows she’s under pressure. Hope is almost condescending when he asks if he really understands (this whole storyline is bizarre). She asks him to trust that nothing bad is going to happen. Liam says he’s good with everything if she promises that after the preview is successful, she tries to help him convince Douglas to return to the cabin.

Hope is talking to Justin while Thomas is styling Petra. He confirms contracts agreements for the showing and promises to have everything straight ASAP. Justin exits, leaving Hope to watch Petra fawn all over Thomas and his “talent”.

As Hope listens in, Petra asks Thomas out for a drink. He puts her off saying he needs to spend time with Douglas. Petra exits leaving Hope to tell Thomas how much progress they’ve made in business and their personal lives. (I really need Hope to be smarter than this.)

Steffy is thrilled that Justin has closed on all his deals. He’s trying to prove himself to the Forrester folks. Thomas enters and thinks he Hope are “on fire.” (Isn’t there a cream for that?)

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Steffy wonders how it’s going with Hope, who apparently is not easy to deal with. She seems stunned how devoted Thomas is to Hope’s success (has Steffy met Thomas?).

Thomas says Hope thinks he’s talented and hot. Thomas explains about Hope thinking he’s hot when Finn comes out of nowhere (quite literally) and begins ribbing him about it. Steffy seems to slowly recognize Thomas’ comments might be problematic. She thinks there’s a difference between him getting along with Hope and becoming obsessed. She’s trying to be diplomatic, but wants to be honest. Hope is in a committed marriage with a child. Thomas playfully says he and Hope share Douglas. Steffy doubles down with her concern.

Finn and Steffy to chat about Thomas after he leaves. Finn missed out on the whole sibling rivalry thing (little does he know he has multiple siblings). Steffy just wants to look out for Thomas so he doesn’t “backslide.” That being said, she’s thrilled he’s gone so she can canoodle with her hot husband.

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-Liam is having lunch with Bill. Liam tells Bill about the Thomas debacle, which sends him reeling. Bill loses his s*** but says nothing that Liam hasn’t thought nor said aloud at some point. 

-Finn wants Steffy at home, but she has too much work to do for the preview. Finn says he’ll head home and keep dinner warm for her. For some reason, Steffy decides it’s a good idea to wonder aloud to her husband if Liam has any idea how close Thomas is getting with Hope (ahem, tequila-infused cheating…).

Thomas tells Hope how committed he is to her line. Hope is nervous for the preview. Thomas says he has some butterflies, but is basically just excited. For some reason, she thinks this moment is pivotal in her career. Thomas reminds her how Katie has invited all kinds of influential folks to attend. He’s not stressed because Hope’s vision is amazing. We flash forward to an over the top, diva version of Hope walking the runway while Thomas watches in admiration (that’s not creepy, at all). He returns to reality and says everyone will love her.

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