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The Young and the Restless Recap: Billy Enlists Sharon to Help With Chelsea

The Young and the Restless Recap for November 1, 2022
Billy Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Jason Thompson

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Noah’s “Club”: Lily is at Noah’s “club” when Adam approaches. He says he found Billy with Chelsea on the roof. Adam is certain Billy upset her. Lily pushes back and basically tells him to mind his business. She’s not telling him anything. With that, Lily exits.

Chelsea’s Room: Billy returns Chelsea to her room and silences her phone. He offers to drive her around and/or get her some food - whatever he can do to help. Chelsea asks him to leave her alone and let her go. Billy is staying close so she’s not alone… no matter what she asks. She’s furious that he continues to interfere in her life. He should never have stopped her on the roof. She breaks down saying she’s drowning and no amount of time is going to solve anything. Billy keeps trying to break the mood by cracking bad jokes - read the room. Chelsea explains she keeps hearing voices… memories reminding her of ways she failed. People keep forgiving her for her transgressions, but she can’t forgive herself. Just then, Adam comes a-knockin.

Adam bangs on the door and begs for Chelsea to let him in or at least let him know that she’s alright. He texts Chelsea and calls/texts Billy who decides she doesn’t need to talk to anyone but him. He confirms Adam vacated the premises and they resume their discussion. Billy fills her in on how he used to see Delia and she would talk to him. His words seem to comfort her a bit when she suddenly realizes she’s exhausted. Billy put Chelsea to bed and sits at her bedside.

Crimson Lights: Chance is sitting at Crimson Lights looking pained and tragic when Abby arrives wondering why he’s there. She doesn’t understand why he chose to go there and not home. He was catching a little peace and quiet before he came home. She quickly wonders why he can’t have peace and quiet at home - proving his point. She thinks something is wrong but he doesn’t. She’s frustrated that he keeps cancelling plans for “work”. He accuses her of being resentful of his job because he can’t put her above everything else. With that, Abby gets up and tries to leave. Chance asks her to stay so they can fix things.

Abby starts by running through a list of ways she has constantly supported him through this job he says he loves. Chance is appreciative but doesn’t think she’s being very honest with herself. She’s had a problem with every move he’s made in his job. That returns him to the issues he’s had with overlooking Victor’s crimes. He thinks she is constantly disappointed with him and his career. Abby counters that he doesn’t get to tell her how she feels. With that, Abby takes her leave.

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Sharon arrives with some treats for Chance just as she gets a call from Billy. He begins to tell her what happened on the roof and asks if she can come to her suite - and no one else can know. On cue, Adam enters loudly trying to find Chelsea. Before she can exit, he asks if she has seen Chelsea or Billy. Sharon does her best to dance around the subject as he basically worries about Chelsea and trashes Billy. She quickly makes her exit.

Society: Victoria and Nate are negotiating his contract and benefits… in kind of a flirty-ish way. They agree to a deal for him to be CEO of Newman Media just as Devon enters. He’s stunned that Victoria thinks Nate is worth hiring. Devon goes on to say that Victoria is paying Nate for services rendered. Victoria and Nate do a little fast-talking before Devon realizes he falsely accused Tucker.

Victoria reminds Devon how much she respected Neil and that he would have understood this is all business. Devon wonders if Victoria has forgotten Neil because he would never have done anything like that (which is not exactly true). Victoria reminds him that their two companies are separate and they don’t owe each other anything. Nate tries to interject and asks him to leave Victoria alone. Devon reminds Nate that he will never forgive him (strangely, Nate doesn’t feel the same way about Devon). Victoria ends it by saying how happy she is with Nate in her employ which sends Devon out the door (how quickly will he run into Abby?). Victoria assures Nate he’s worth the trouble with Devon. They walk past Devon as they exit. Just then, Abby gets all clumsy at the bar which makes Devon take notice. 

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Devon reminds Abby that married folks fight and she should move past it. Abby thinks her marriage is doomed. Devon tries to cheer her up and they embrace.

Billy calls Lily who is not doing much to mask her irritation. He quickly explains that Chelsea had an incident and he’s staying with her until she can get some help. Lily wonders what happened but he doesn’t quite know how to explain. Billy says that Sharon’s on her way just as she knocks on the door.

Billy goes into the hallway and explains about Chelsea’s intention to die by suicide. Sharon knew there were problems but not that they were this extreme. Billy peeks in and confirms Chelsea is still asleep. Sharon explains that the next 72 hours are crucial and they need to get her to a facility. Billy doesn’t think there’s much chance of convincing her. Sharon checks on Billy’s state of mind and he goes into his memories of what happened before Delia died. He knew she wasn’t going to make it. He thought the same thing about Chelsea tonight. Sharon validates him appropriately. Just then, Chelsea calls for Billy and she sees Sharon has arrived. Sharon offers her help, but Chelsea says she doesn’t need it. Sharon invokes Rey’s name and says getting help is what he would have wanted. Chelsea agrees to let them help her.

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