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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Behind The Scenes Drama Precedes The Hope For The Future Fashion Show

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 2, 2022
Hope Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Forrester Creations: The entire Forrester crew is doing last minute preparations for the Hope For The Future fashion show. Eric thinks Thomas’ fashions are amazing and Ridge thinks he should stop fussing. Zende is around to say they should be excited to see Thomas’ showstopper. The one he designed just for Hope (ew…).

The Big Brother folks approach Steffy complimenting her on the looks of the upcoming fashion show and what they assume will be a massive success for Hope, Thomas, and all of Forrester Creations.

Katie is also approached by Big Brother-based fashion press, who beat the dead horse of thinking Hope For The Future was a thing of the past (when did this turn of events happen?). Katie assures them they should expect the unexpected.

Carter approaches and congratulates her on getting so many big fashion names to arrive in person. She thanks him and hopes they can celebrate together later. With that, he kisses her in public, just as Steffy approaches.

Taylor calls Thomas and apologizes for not being making it the show. After hanging up, he begins to wonder where Hope is. In lieu of her presence, Thomas gathers everyone and applauds their efforts. Eric and Ridge think the fashion show won’t miss. Thomas follows up thanking Zende for being by his side (shouldn’t they be at odds?). Just then, Charlie approaches telling Thomas that Liam has arrived to support Hope - which inspires Thomas’ snark.

Hope is fretting over her speech as Brooke looks on. Liam arrives to lend his support. Their embrace is filled with insecurity and doubt. Liam tries to congratulate her again, but stumbles. Brooke takes the opportunity to say what he couldn’t. They’re both concerned about how much time she’s spending with Thomas. Hope knows, but clearly is resentful because it’s being brought up today. Brooke decides introducing the topic of Thomas was enough s*** stirring and makes her exit, while leaving the door slightly ajar.

Hope asks once again if Liam will support her today. He believes she is on the verge of the most success ever, but he is has much trepidation about also lending his support to Thomas. He hates the idea of applauding the two of them as a team.

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Hope begs him to not argue about these issues right now, especially on her big day. She wants him to assure her that he will be there to support her. Liam wants more information and asks what happens after the fashion show. She explains what he already knows - Hope and Thomas will be hand in hand at the end of the stage. He’ll probably ask her to stay afterwards to celebrate and say all sorts of manipulative things. Hope counters that she’s asking Liam to support her on the most important day of her career (is it?). Liam counters saying that he is asking her to try and understand how difficult this is based on all the chaos and trauma Thomas has caused them (he’s not wrong).

Side Note: This story is infuriating. Hope isn’t stupid and would at least understand Liam’s position…and would hopefully not have become involved with the man who almost kidnapped her and let her think HER DAUGHTER WAS DEAD…ugh.

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Just then, Douglas arrives. Liam greets him, but he walks by and doesn't acknowledge him. He hugs Hope, while she and Liam lock tear-filled eyes.

Hope explains to Eric and Ridge she was trying to get Liam to stay for the show. When they question her, Thomas arrives to let them know it’s all about him (again, maddening). They all decide to focus on the preview. Thomas and Hope are left alone. He’s not nervous because he is certain of their impending triumph.

Hope calls everyone to attention to give all the folks backstage a big thank you for how dedicated they have all been to the creation of this show, as Thomas looks on adoringly.

Hope comes out on stage to greet the crowd and announce the unveiling of her collection. She turns as she walks off stage, which signals the fashion show to begin!

Thomas is back stage watching everything as it unfolds. He approaches Hope, reminding her that she should be getting dressed into the showstopper. Just then, Liam peaks his head in. He sees his wife with her kidnapper - which sends him on his way before Hope ever sees him.

Hope thanks Thomas for being her partner in this journey. Thomas says they can do anything together. They come together for a huge, joyous embrace as Liam watches on with narrowed eyes.

Hope peaks out from the back. It appears she wants to see the show and hope that Liam changed his mind. A pained look crosses her face when she doesn’t see him in the crowd.

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