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The Young and the Restless Recap: Kyle and Summer Are Confronted With Drama Upon Returning From Their Honeymoon

The Young and the Restless Recap for November 2, 2022
Kyle Abbott, Summer Newman, The Young and the Restless

Michael Mealor, Allison Lanier

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Abbott mansion: Kyle, Summer, and Harrison are back, and Jack gleefully greets them. Ashley wastes no time asking Jack if he’s filled them in about Diane. He informs Kyle and Summer about Diane’s connection to Tucker.

Kyle is furious with Tucker for manipulating his mother (good boy). Summer quickly reminds Kyle how shocked Diane acted when Tucker crashed their wedding. Jack says Diane always said all she wanted was a relationship with Kyle and he still believes her.

He explains Diane’s job was to help Tucker re-establish a relationship with Ashley. When Kyle inquires, Jack lets him know that Diane came clean. After Kyle and Summer balk at the story, Jack  says part of Diane’s decision to come forward is because Phyllis continued to go after her with Talia. Summer seems somewhat stunned that Phyllis betrayed her trust and Diane wasn’t the only one lying (YES!).

Society: Tucker is eating peacefully when Diane enters. She tells him she has too much at stake to give up. Tucker apologizes and says he was caught off guard, and shouldn’t have responded as he did. Diane knows Tucker a little too well to accept his apology at face value.

She suddenly reveals that Tucker also wanted access to Jabot’s financial statements - but she was never in a position to gain access. Diane is confused because Tucker seems sincere about winning Ashley back, while also wanting to take over her brother’s company. How could both those things exist?

Newman Media: Sally is packing up her office while leaving a message for Chloe - who is off the grid on a family trip. Just then, Adam enters, much to Sally’s chagrin. He’s looking for Chloe. She lets him know she and Chloe have been fired, and her relationship has already been chosen. She promises to pass his message along to Chloe whenever she hears from her.

Adam wants to know if Chloe has heard from Chelsea. Sally inquires about what’s going on. Adam changes the subject and reminds Sally what an amazing job she’s done at Newman Media. It makes no sense to him how Victoria could possibly have fired her. Adam stokes the fire wondering aloud how much Nicholas had to do with this decision.

Sally implores Adam not to trash Nicholas as the decision to let her go was Victoria’s alone. Adam takes it personally (as he always does) because he put her up for the job. He wants to know if he can help, but Sally reminds him this is not her first rodeo. With that, Adam leaves a dejected Sally to pack her things.

Newman: Victoria and her newly highlighted and layered locks brings Nicholas coffee, but he is still pissed about her firing Sally. Nicholas doesn’t understand why it was necessary to fire Sally and put Nate in at Newman Media. Victoria isn’t in the mood for conversation and tells him he needs to get on board.

Victoria wants Nicholas to finally admit that he’s intimately involved with Sally. Nicholas avoids the question when Victoria doubles down saying that his new “position” with Sally puts him in direct competition with Adam - which is the last thing Newman needs. The siblings Newman squabble when Victoria says Nicholas is letting his feelings for Sally interfere with his business decisions.

Just then, Victor enters and backs up his daughter. He approves of Sally’s removal and Nate’s hire. It makes no matter that Nate betrayed his family as he was loyal to the Newmans. When Nicholas defends Sally, Victoria dismisses him with her facial expression and Victor tells him to get over it. Victoria contends she was never the best person to run Newman Media (and Nate, the doctor, is?).

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Newman ranch: Nikki is watching Victor play chess on his phone when Ashley arrives. She quickly inquires whether or not Victor knew about Tucker’s connection to Diane and their plan to infiltrate the Abbott family. Victor did not, but heard he made a splash entry at Kyle and Summer’s wedding. Just as Ashley assures him they have everything under control, Phyllis storms in. He is stunned the three of them have formed an unlikely alliance. He wishes them luck and exits.

Nikki is shocked when Ashley tells them Diane willingly admitted to her part in Tucker’s scheme. Phyllis is thrilled with this turn of events and they toast with their coffee (once again) to Diane’s downfall. Phyllis says she can’t believe that Diane was able to come back and convince folks her intentions were good. (Really? Shall we review your history Phyllis…and Nikki’s…and Ashley’s…?). Ashley thinks there’s still way more to Diane’s story. Phyllis is WAY more interested in Jack’s reaction.

Nikki and Phyllis are FLOORED when Ashley says Jack is completely conflicted by Diane’s actions. Ashley says that Diane is doubling down on the fact that she’s actually changed. Phyllis doesn’t understand how Jack could be so daft. Ashley thinks Diane is going to dig in her heels and secure herself further with both Jack and Kyle.

Crimson Lights: Adam arrives leaving a message on Billy’s phone about Chelsea. Just then, Nicholas arrives and Adam follows. He goes after Nicholas for firing Sally. He quickly dispels Adam’s beliefs about Sally’s exit - it had nothing to do with him. They quickly get back to sibling rivalry as Adam assumes Nicholas slept with Sally to get under his skin. They go back and forth about Sally until she arrives and questions what is going on.

Adam makes the case that Nicholas had his way with Sally and is now done. Nicholas tries to defend himself, but Adam is done and makes his exit. Sally quickly tells Nicholas she doesn’t believe what Adam is offering up. She’s trying to handle her business and not bother him with her troubles. That being said, she has a statement to make and it will likely not be easy to receive.

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-Ashley says Tucker described him and Diane as two lost souls trying to find a little forgiveness. She thought it sounded too good to be true. Phyllis enters the chat saying it’s now all up to her to take Diane down. With that, Phyllis makes her exit.

-After Sally said she had to tell Nicholas something difficult to hear, we return to Sally turning down an offer that her beau presented off-screen (Did Sally’s information and Nicholas’ offer happen off-screen, or was there an editing issue?).

-Tucker tries to leave, but not before Diane tries to figure out what he would have done with Jabot’s financials - if not to take over the company. He says the details are now none of her concern and taunts her.

-Kyle tells Summer he’s torn. He sympathizes with his mother being manipulated by two powerful men, but how can he ever trust her? Summer is WAY less conflicted since Jack confirmed Phyllis blatantly lied to her. She’s PISSED!

-Phyllis arrives, much to the newlyweds’ chagrin. She tries to make all kinds of nice when Kyle shuts her down, saying he knows exactly why she’s there. Phyllis assumes everything came out about Diane. She almost performs a victory dance until Summer confronts her about working with Talia. Phyllis COMPLETELY FAILS TO READ THE ROOM and says, “I told you so,” and reiterates that nothing is her fault. Kyle and Summer look at her with disdain.

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