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Annika Noelle Dishes Hope's Thomas Trouble and Daddy Drama on B&B

Annika Noelle, The Bold and the Beautiful

Could there be Hope (Annika Noelle) in Thomas' (Matthew Atkinson) future on The Bold and the Beautiful? After all, the designer has been daydreaming about his blonde muse...but there's no shortage of man drama in Hope's life. Noelle chatted with Michael Fairman TV about Hope's all-too-complicated relationships.

Thomas recently fantasized about smooching Hope. Or could it have been Hope who was dreaming about locking lips with her ex? Noelle mused:

Probably, in an alternate universe it would have been! I like things like the Hope mannequin, where I get to step out of what Hope would normally do, and get to play her in a different element, and with a different spice, a different fire. So, for me, that was a fun scene for me as an actor to play. Now, is it something that Hope would have done in that moment? No. But, was it fun to play that possibility and how it would ramp up to get to that point? Absolutely.

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Meanwhile, Hope's husband Liam (Scott Clifton) and mama Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) have turned into an anti-Thomas Greek chorus. Is there potential for Brooke to betray Hope once again...this time with her husband? Noelle said:

I have actually heard a lot of fans theories about Liam and Brooke! I hope my on-screen mom doesn’t make the same mistake, twice in her lifetime. I would hope she has learned her lesson in some way.

Someone close to Hope nursing a secret is dad Deacon (Sean Kanan), who's shacking up with the presumed-dead Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). Noelle added:

I really want Hope to stumble on Sheila and her dad together, because she has no idea this is going on. Meanwhile, Hope has been fighting tooth and nail for her dad to be a part of her life. So, I actually am really hoping she falls upon that secret and seeing how she deals with the reality vs. what she thought.