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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Bill and Wyatt Support Liam’s Suspicions About Thomas

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 3, 2022
Bill Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

The fashion show continues as all of the major players at Forrester look on. Brooke says Douglas is so excited to see Hope onstage. Steffy brings the snark by saying Hope wouldn’t have a line were it not for Thomas. Steffy looks around wondering where Liam is.

Thomas and Hope are excited about what appears to be their successful fashion show. He wants Hope to let go of the fact that Liam didn’t stick around to support her. They need to focus on the task at hand. With that, they peek through the curtain to watch the happenings. Thomas reminds Hope the fashion show exists because of her.

Just then, Thomas reminds Hope she needs to get dressed and prepare for her showstopper moment. He reminds her how he made the dress for her. It embodies her passion and sex appeal (why does Hope seem complimented by Thomas’ words rather than being concerned by their stalkerish nature? Again, Hope should be smarter!)

Katie, Brooke, Carter, and Steffy are astounded at the fashions. Steffy pipes up to remind everyone the showstopper is the essential element and everything rests on Hope.

The models leave the stage and Ridge arrives to introduce the showstopper. He reminds the crowd of Forrester Creations’ innovation. He reluctantly mentions Brooke’s bedroom and relates it to Hope For The Future (that’s a weak link…). He walks backstage and passes the baton to Hope. Thomas grabs Hope’s hands and tells her that his fashions and her vision will make this moment magic.

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Hope comes out onstage in the showstopper while her family and friends watch. She walks the runway as Douglas smiles at her from the audience. Hope basks in the applause and adoration of the entire audience.

Bill and Wyatt are lunching at Il Giardino when Liam arrives fresh off his frustrating stint at the fashion show. Wyatt is very confused as to why Liam is with them and not with Hope. Liam says he wants to be there, but he couldn’t stay around to watch Thomas and Hope onstage together.

Wyatt and Bill are both stunned that Hope doesn’t see how manipulative Thomas is. They both think Liam should have punched Thomas in the face (me too!). None of them can believe all the horrible, criminal things Thomas has done. Wyatt pipes up to reinforce how much Hope needs Liam right now, whether she knows it or not. Bill disagrees saying he understands why Liam left. He can celebrate with Hope alone afterwards. Liam agrees with Daddy Dollar Bill.

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Backstage, the Forrester men watch in adoration as Hope showcases the showstopper of Hope For The Future. Hope discusses the journey of this fashion line. She thanks everyone, including a reluctant nod to her absent husband Liam. She saves her thanks for Thomas for last. He walks onstage and joins her. As Liam predicted, they join hands and raise them above their heads. Thomas tells Hope she’s beautiful as she looks at him adoringly. 

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