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Perkie's Observations: Holly Betrays Robert For Victor on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 3, 2022
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Holly Sutton, General Hospital

Emma Samms

Trina's upset to hear that everyone who was supporting her during her trial is being attacked by the hooker. Carly asks if Josslyn is in danger. Jordan tells her she's just warning them out of caution, but believes the hooker is fixated on Trina and those around her. She tells them about the letter from the killer. Trina asks if Esme is back in town hooking people.

Carly says Esme is capable of violence, but Jordan says they know nothing for sure. She tells them to be on their guard and not to return to PCU in person. The girls are upset that this is happening as they're getting things back to normal. Josslyn complains to Carly that someone is targeting her, but Carly promises to let nothing happen to her.

Brook Lynn wonders how Chase would feel if he didn't retire after they pull the con on Linc. Chase feels this was just temporary, and while he's grateful, he wants his badge back. Linc's pop star Blaze introduces herself. (Yep, that's her name...cuz she's on fiya!)
Linc joins them, thrilled about the match between Chase and Blaze. Chase and Brook Lynn notice when Linc touches Blaze's hand and her reaction to it. Chase and Blaze get to know each other, which makes Linc happy.

Curtis wonders when he'll get the results from his genetic test. He thinks he did the right thing getting tested so he knows if he's predisposed to schizophrenia. Curtis mentions the possibility of having kids. (And I remind the writers that Brook Kerr is 48, so Portia can't be that much younger to be getting pregnant.)

Portia gets an email from Olivia. The Metro Court got a cancellation for Valentine's Day, 2023 if she wants to push up their wedding date. Curtis is ready for it, but Portia doesn't think they can get it together in six months. Curtis convinces her they can pull it off.

Jordan brings Trina home, and Curtis and Portia are updated. Curtis asks about Brando, but Jordan feels the hooker was going after Josslyn. Jordan wants Trina to be extra cautious until the killer is caught.

Austin finds Gladys crying in a corner. She mentions she's been volunteering in the nursery since Liam died. She tells Austin she didn't do right by Brando, but is hoping to do better with Sasha. Mason interrupts to talk to Austin.

Maxie tells Austin that Deception is in trouble because of Lucy and Valentin's disappearance, and Sasha's legal problems. Austin reassures her that she'll deal with the investors so they don't pull out. Sasha arrives and tells Maxie she's here to help. Diane gives Maxie legal advice to keep the company afloat. Gladys is called in to make legal decisions for Sasha as her guardian. Gladys refuses at first, but Sasha convinces her.

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Mason tells Austin there is a patient coming who needs medical care. He says the boss wants it handled discreetly. Austin asks what happens if he says no as he's paid his debt. Maxie finds them together .

Holly tells Robert she's tired and will turn in early, but when he leaves, she sneaks out.

Robert talks to Mac, who tells him ADA Arden thinks she can convict Anna. Robert's trying to find a judge who will give Anna bail. He says they can't protect her if she goes to Pentonville. Robert tells them things were off with Holly when he left her.

Mac tells Robert about Cody and the DNA test. Mac admits to Felicia he wants the chance to be Cody's father.

Holly meets with Victor, who wants to know if Robert has a plan to keep Anna out of prison. Holly tells him Robert is trying to find a judge to help. Victor reminds Holly to cooperate so she doesn't end up his prisoner again. He says he'll do to her what he did to Lucy.

Holly swears she'll deal with Robert. Victor promises that once Anna is convicted of Lucy's murder, he'll release Holly. He reminds her of who she left behind (Ethan?) and Holly promises she'll kill Victor if he does anything to said person.

Robert runs into Diane. She offers to buy him a drink, but he's eager to get back to Holly. Diane seems sad when he leaves.

Robert heads back to Holly's room as she arrives and claims she couldn't sleep. Holly says Robert is the one who kept her going during these years. The two share a kiss. 

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