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Perkie's Observations: Sonny and Dex Protect Josslyn and Cameron From Danger on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 4, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today’s General Hospital recap: Curtis worries the  killer will zero in on Trina, but Jordan promises they'll do everything to keep her safe. Portia says Trina won't want to put her life on hold and Curtis brings up that they're planning a wedding.

Curtis offers to call Taggert about Trina. Jordan tells Portia she owes Curtis the truth. Portia says Curtis hasn't gotten the genetic test results. Until he gets confirmation he has markers for schizophrenia, there is no reason for Trina to know. Portia says she doesn't want to turn everyone's lives upside down. Jordan tells her not to go into the marriage with this big secret and that Curtis deserves to know if Trina is his daughter. 

Josslyn worries that Cameron could be a target for the killer. She leaves him a voicemail that he could be in danger. Josslyn thinks it's a good idea to go out looking for him because she needs to see him in person, despite Carly's concerns. Carly senses something is off, but Josslyn insists things are fine with Cameron.

Cameron's hanging out on the bridge thinking of Josslyn. He gets a little jumpy when he hears someone, but it turns out to be Drew. The two talk about Oscar.

Carly reaches out to Drew to find Cameron and he says they're already together. Carly doesn't tell them about the possible danger,  but asks Drew to get home safely. 

Maxie interrupts Austin and Mason's conversation, and Austin lies about what they were discussing. After Maxie leaves, Austin sees the patient for his boss and doesn't alert the authorities. Later, he warns Mason not to talk to Maxie again.

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Spinelli's arguing with someone on the phone about shutting down Society Setups. Maxie overhears and mentions that she knows he's been in a sad place since Ellie broke up with him. She's certain he'll find love again. Austin interrupts. When Maxie steps away, Austin asks Spinelli to do an algorithm on him and Maxie.

Michael and Willow enjoy a date night and discuss her pregnancy. Willow mentions she's waiting for test results. Michael jokingly brings up marriage and Willow thinks it's a good idea. Willow gets a call from Terry and tells Michael she wants him at her next appointment for the test results.

Dex stands guard outside of Kelly's while Sonny and Nina talk about dating out in the open and how she's in the girls' lives. Nina declares her love for Sonny.

Josslyn heads to Kelly's to find Cameron, but runs into Dex, who's standing by. The two get a little intense until Cameron shows up. Dex overhears Josslyn updating Cameron and says he could be a target as well. Josslyn tries to stop Dex from saying anything to Sonny, but he says Sonny should know. Josslyn tells Sonny that someone is out to kill her and Cameron. 

Drew gets worried about Carly and shows up at her door, but she worries about someone seeing them together. Drew says Cameron was on his way back to Kellys' and is fine. Carly wants to tell Josslyn and is upset she's taken off. Drew and Carly head out to find her, but Josslyn and Sonny are at the door. Josslyn tells Sonny she doesn't want protection, but wants it for Cameron. Sonny tells Carly that he brought Josslyn home and he told Dex to get Cameron home.

Dex offers to take Cameron home, but Cameron claims he'll be fine by himself. 

Drew and Carly share a kiss without realizing that Josslyn saw them, and is gobsmacked. 

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