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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava Calls EJ With Alarming News About Susan

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 7, 2022
Ava Vitali, Days of Our Lives

Tamara Brown

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera Enterprises: Chloe stops Stefan as they get hot and heavy. She admits she's not over Brady and doesn't want to give him the wrong idea. Stefan points out that Brady's moved on. Chloe is willing to move forward, but questions if his feelings are genuine or if someone else put them there. He explains how Gabi went to Rolf and believes his innocence.

Stefan lays it on thick that his feelings are legit and he wants Chloe to forget about Brady. He offers to get her out of town on a business trip and Chloe eventually agrees.

DiMera crypt: Charlie coaches Ava on keeping her focus on revenge. She tells him that Xander is working on something right now. Ava and Charlie mock EJ's response to Susan's disappearance with glee.

Ava doesn't want anyone to know she's behind her kidnapping because she doesn't want to be on the run for the rest of her life. She brings up Tripp and Henry, which upsets Charlie. He reminds her that Tripp took the Johnson name and is one of them. Charlie suggests they take Henry with them. He convinces her to channel her hate to EJ and get what she deserves.

When alone, Ava has a chat with Jake's grave to try to justify her actions.

DiMera mansion: Anna and Tony are upset that her one-of-a-kind crystal heart is ruined. EJ brings in some food and Tony explains about the broken heart. EJ affirms Susan will join them, but admits he doesn't know where she is. Tony assures him she hasn't been gone that long.

EJ decides to talk to Tony about Stephan. EJ claims Li and Kristen are behind his mental state, but Tony says EJ knows now...Mr. CEO. Tony doesn't support his brother and EJ tells him to keep quiet, even to Anna (who got a call and left to see Johnny). Tony argues with EJ about ethics and love. EJ counters that he doesn't care about Gabi.

Allie and Chanel's: Wendy says she's upset that Li and EJ may have had a hand in Stefan's manipulation. Johnny thinks they can use Tony's pilot for information, but she questions his discretion. They decide Anna may be a better option.

Anna arrives and Johnny explains their theory about EJ, Li, and Rolf. Anna doesn't think Tony's involved, but wants to know why she's there. Wendy explains they need to find Ned Grainger (the pilot) to locate Rolf. She agrees to help them.

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Anna contacts Ned and says she needs to locate Rolf right away. She claims it's for Tony because he's dead and only Rolf can bring him back. Ned reluctantly admits Rolf's in Jakarta.

Kiriakis mansion: Sarah returns Maggie's check and claims she has faith in Xander. Maggie insists he's helping Xander as well. Maggie questions why Xander would leave her in the dark about work, considering his history. Sarah gets upset about Maggie's suspicions, but Maggie stands her ground. She admits she's worried that Xander will be tempted to make a quick buck.

Kiriakis summer shed: Xander carries an unconscious Susan into the shed and plops her down on a stack of manure bags. Susan awakens tied to a chair with a burlap sac over her head. She panics because she's claustrophobic and begs to be released.

Xander removes the bag and Susan sees a man in a clown mask. She remembers her premonition and questions if this is about Elvis.

Xander gets a call from Sarah and ignores it, but he steps out to call Ava. He wants a cut of the ransom money, but Ava puts him off. Xander gets pushy and demands Ava contact EJ...NOW.

Susan looks around and realizes she's in a summer gardening shed.

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-Wendy gets into the DiMera computer to show the jet is unavailable and in service. 

-Stefan's disappointed the jet isn't available, so Chloe takes the opportunity to slow things down.

-Susan wants to know who the clown is and why he won't let her go. Susan wonders if he's a sad clown.

-EJ's searching for mum when he gets a call from Ava. She tells EJ that Susan's being well taken care of. Charlie watches on as Ava threatens to harm Susan if he doesn't cooperate.

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