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Perkie's Observations: Laura Returns And Puts Her Enemies on Notice on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 7, 2022
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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis

On today’s General Hospital recap: Laura and Valentin are back in town, and their first stop is to see Anna at the PCPD. After a kissing reunion, Valentin tells Anna that Laura and Kevin helped him bring Charlotte home safely. Laura says Charlotte will be staying with her with extra security. Valentin promises to help Anna get out of this mess, but she says she's heading to Pentonville tonight.

Anna says Victor is picking them off one by one and doesn't know what his endgame is. She says it will be easy for Victor to have her taken care of once she's in Pentonville. Valentin promises he has a plan to help her.

Sonny talks to Nina about the attacks and how Josslyn is fighting him on having security. Nina thinks it has to do with her and offers to step back until the hooker is caught, but Sonny refuses.

Michael and Willow hang out in the park, watching Wiley play. They discuss what the new baby will bring to the family dynamic. TJ comes across them, and when Michael steps away to take a call, TJ chastises her for not telling Micheal the truth yet. Willow swears today will be the day, once she speaks to Terry. TJ promises she won't be alone and the two share a hug. Sonny and Nina walk by and see them.

Wiley spots them and runs over, but Willow is quick to pull him away from his grandparents. Michael intercedes, but Nina backs down and pulls Sonny away. Nina tells Sonny she thinks TJ and Willow are having an affair. Sonny says he's known TJ forever and he's not the type to cheat. Nina says she's always seeing them together, hugging and what not. Sonny says Michael doesn't need to know about any of this, as Michael approaches after overhearing the last part.

Liz is home and Cameron asks if she got what she needed from the trip. She is happy to be at home. Liz admits to Terry she's not sure if taking the trip was worth it, based on what she found out. Liz takes the blame for Reiko's death and how explains how she subconsciously tried to protect herself from the memory. Terry asks if she's planning on telling Finn, but Liz thinks he's better off not knowing.

Cameron tells Liz that Josslyn spent the night. Liz is happy he told the truth. Cameron also tells her about Jordan's theory that Josslyn was the target of Brando's attack. He tells her that Sonny has men outside the house. Cameron asks again about Monterey. Liz admits she saw her parents and she's happy she's home.

Nikolas finds Esme studying the windows to see if she can get one open to get help. He warns her not to try it. Nikolas accuses Esme of the hooker attacks, pointing out the attacks have stopped since he locked her up. After he leaves, Esme continues to try to find a way to get out and down. Esme tears up her bedsheets and ties them together in hopes of using them to get down from the windows.

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Terry gets to the hospital. Finn asks how things went and says he knows they didn't go to a medical conference. Terry tells him to speak to Liz directly. Finn heads over to Liz's.

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Finn is ready to release Heather before she heads back to Darkham. Heather tries to push Finn's buttons and brings up Jeff, badmouthing him.

Valentin heads to the hospital to ask for Finn's help. He tells Finn that Anna is being transferred tonight.

Holly sends Victor a text that she's working on gathering intel for him, then offers to help Robert work on Lucy's disappearance. Deputy Mayor Ashby storms in to complain he's trying to help Anna get bail. Eileen warns him if he doesn't back down, she'll demand his resignation. Robert says he's an elected official and can't do anything since she's not the mayor. Eileen says she'll run the office as she sees fit and is surprised when Laura appears. Laura says she's not happy with Eileen's treatment of Robert and she trusts him.

Laura asks where Holly has been and Robert mentions the memory issues. Laura offers to have Kevin examine Holly, but Holly angrily says no. Laura and Robert head out, and she asks for all the details on Holly's return. Laura believes Holly isn't telling them everything. Robert says Holly is the victim, but Laura reminds him that Holly's past is not spotless.

Eileen confronts Holly and reminds her they both work for Victor, and he calls the shots.

Holly questions Robert about Laura. He admits Laura isn't in a rush to trust Holly, but he does. Robert and Holly share a hug.

Nikolas is not happy to see Victor at Wyndemere. He reminds Nikolas he's moving in and wonders why Nikolas is trying to get rid of him. Victor tells Nikolas the family has to come together now, but Nikolas is tired of Victor's cryptic comments. Victor wonders if he should let Nikolas into the inner circle of what this is all about.

Victor gets a call that Charlotte is gone and demands to know who got her. Just then, Laura arrives, announcing her return.

TJ stays with Willow as Terry confirms that her liver and spleen are enlarged, and her platelet count is down. Terry says the leukemia is now in stage four.

The guard arrives to take Anna, but not to Pentonville. 

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