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WATCH: B&B's Annika Noelle: "Thomas, I Think, Brings Out a More Fiery Side to Hope" (VIDEO)

YouTube interview series Bold Live recently welcomed back The Bold and the Beautiful's Annika Noelle (Hope). The actress delved into her character's latest triumphs and trials with B&B supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk.

Last week's B&B featured a much-heralded return to the catwalk, this time from the Hope for the Future line. Hope donned a gorgeous, glittery showstopper as the final look. Noelle reflected

Whew! It was amazing; I felt very lucky to be able to e ap art of... I mean, it is the first fashion show that we've had since pre-pandemic. The showstopper was amazing. Jeresa Featherstone, our costume and wardrobe [designer], she's amazing. She gets all the props. She really took into consideration, kind of both the boho-chic of Hope's aesthetic, now mixed with Thomas' [Matthew Atkinson] influence and his kind of edgier vibe. And I think she found a really beautiful meeting place in the middle between the two. And for those who don't know, I think that showstopper weighed... I want to say forty pounds.

But not everything was smooth sailing off the runway for Hope. The actress added:

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I also like that we got to see, not necessarily, it go to plan. Like, it didn't necessarily, not everything was going smoothly. You know, you saw that she was dealing with behind-the-scenes drama with her conflict with Liam [Scott Clifton] and so you know, here she is on this big, momentous day that was a big deal for her career. So you see her juggling, trying to keep up a good face, while knowing there's stuff going on behind the scenes.

Noelle's adorable co-star Henry Joseph Samiri (Douglas) also popped by to say hello. Kasprzyk teased the show's Christmas episode, in which both Hope, Douglas, and little Beth will appear. 

Later, one fan suggested Hope and Thomas might make the "perfect couple." What differs in the blonde's relationships with both her current husband and her ex-spouse? Noelle stated:

I think with Scott, or sorry, with Liam, Hope is a little... She feels safer, is more at home, kind of more comfortable, maybe a little more softer. Whereas Thomas, I think, brings out a more fiery side to Hope, a side of Hope where she kind of rises to the challenge and kind of meets him head-on with a lot of things. So it brings out different facets in both. But I do think it's important that we take into consideration Thomas' history and also tread very carefully around that and what kind of messaging that sends to women in regards to some of that stuff.

Peep the full chat below.