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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chanel's Public Arrest Forces Paulina to Confess Her Knowledge to Abe

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 9, 2022
Chanel Dupree, Days of Our Lives

Raven Bowens

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Brady Pub: Chad approaches Sloan. He's gloating about his victory, but Sloan says he's behind the times. She informs Chad that Leo returned the file to her. Chad offers to buy the file from her, but she tells Chad the police are handling it. He makes a quick call to Stephanie.

Small Bar: Sonny is hesitant to have dinner with Leo, who is flush with cash. Leo's upset about Alex's snarky comment to him (Alex said he doesn't think about him at all). Sonny and Leo bicker over each other's list of crimes against each other.

Leo just wants to get along, but Sonny questions his motives. Leo claims he doesn't need his money and just wants a friend...a gay male friend. He opens up and says being lonely sucks. Sonny softens a bit and tries to make a connection with him.

Stephanie and Alex sense tension at Sonny's table, but turn their chat to whether or not they're on a date. She ignores Chad's call. Enter Chad, who advises her to check her phone. When Stephanie asks Chad how the file was returned, he points to Leo. Alex walks over, picks Leo up by the collar, and calls him a rat. 

Leo says he works for Paulina, but says he doesn't know what he's being accused of. Stephanie asks him if Sloan went to Paulina's office. Leo said he owed her money and had to pay her back. Leo says he opened the safe to get cash, but closed it right away. He may have lost focus momentarily to count the money. Alex accuses him of ruining Chanel's life and Paulina's career.

Horton Square: Shawn arrests Chanel with cameras flashing. The press turns to Paulina for an answer. She tells them it's all a mistake and tells Chanel not to say a word as she's escorted away.

Salem PD: Melinda informs Belle that Shawn is arresting Chanel during Paulina's victory celebration. Shawn returns with Chanel takes her for booking. Allie arrives and tells Belle what happened.

Shawn returns and says Melinda is questioning Chanel alone. Belle interrupts Melinda and tells her to stop. Chanel agrees to take on Belle as her lawyer and Belle tells Melinda the interrogation is over. Belle says she will be there for any future questioning. Chanel tells her about the file, but Belle says she wants to read it first so there's no bias.

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Allie tells Melinda that Chanel isn't a murderer. Melinda claims it's all true and it will be made public soon enough.

Paulina's campaign office: Abe tries to keep Paulina away from the reporters. He says it's because she will have no answers for them...or does she? Abe wants to help, but he needs to know what's happening. Paulina tells Abe about the blackmail and how Stephanie was involved. She tells Abe it was Sloan, but says she doesn't know how she got the file back. They deduce that Melinda has it. Abe tells her they need a plan.

Paulina apologizes for keeping yet another lie, but Abe is more concerned about what Chanel is facing. He says it wasn't her secret to tell and offers his help. Paulina wants to go to the station, but Abe thinks they should call Allie.

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-Allie tells Paulina she's being questioned and Belle is taking her case. Paulina wants Chanel to hold on and asks Allie to tell her "mama is coming."

-Belle wants the file from Melinda, who says Chanel will spend the night in lock-up. Melinda tells Shawn to escort her in handcuffs.

-Leo is upset about what happened. He tells Sonny that Sloan took the file when he wasn't paying attention. Sonny reluctantly admits that he believes Leo.

-Paulina wants to go the Salem PD and Abe offers to shield her from reporters. When he opens the door, Sloan is there. She tries to relish the moment, but Paulina shuts her down. She and Abe head out to see Chanel.

-Alex, Chad, and Stephanie wonder if Leo was working for Sloan. Chad says they need to get ahead of the press and head out to find Paulina. 

-Allie and Chanel express their love as Shawn takes Chanel away. Melinda's look softens just a tad when Allie falls into Belle's arms.

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