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Days of Our Lives Recap: Doug Celebrates Julie’s Very Shady 57th Anniversary

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 8, 2022
Doug Williams, Julie Williams, Days of Our Lives

Susan Seaforth Hayes, Doug Hayes

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap we are celebrating the show’s  57th anniversary! Let’s get into it…

Flashback Heaven: Doug and Julie are hanging out in Horton Square having voted and done a little shopping. Just then, Shawn Douglas arrives… he needs to look in her shopping bag because she’s been accused of shoplifting (an INCREDIBLY cool throwback to Julie’s initial entry into Salem all those years ago). She can’t believe that anyone would accuse her of such a thing (really, Queen), but capitulates. Shawn D. takes a look and finds a faux mink stole. She asks Doug for the receipt which he doesn’t have because he didn’t pay for it. Julie looks mortified.

When next we see them, Shawn D. and Julie have returned from straightening out the shoplifting incident. When Julie says she can’t believe anyone would think she would steal, Doug very directly reminds Julie of her shady history. She explains to Shawn D. that when she was a teenager, she lifted some goods (also a mink stole - not faux) where she was almost booked. Grandpa Tom and Uncle Mickey saved the day. CUE THE FLASHBACK!!!! OMG - the police called Tom who happened to be with Mickey. Then, we get ALICE who is trying to plan Tony and Marie’s wedding. Back in 2022, Julie says her last encounter with shoplifting happened 57 years ago to this very day!

Side Note: This flashback to DAYS’ origins warms the cockles of my soap opera soul. Thank you, Soap Jesus!

Outside The Pub: Stephanie heads towards The Brady Pub when she sees a “Timmons for Governor” sign. She was about to cover it with a “Vote for Paulina” sign when Chad approaches. He thinks Paulina has the election in the bag… and once she’s declared Governor, they can go out to celebrate. She friend zones him by calling him “sweet” and says she has plans with Alex. Stephanie goes on to explain that getting to know Chad opened her up to the possibility of getting involved again (another mention of her duplicitous ex…). Since Chad isn’t interested, Stephanie decided to move forward with Alex - leaving Chad very confused. Stephanie overheard what Chad said to Alex. Chad explains that he’s torn. He is attracted to Stephanie but is still grieving Abigail. He’s not ready for anything serious.

Price Campaign Headquarters: Abe arrives at Price Headquarters where Paulina is nervous about election day. Abe is impressed that she ran her campaign without any scandals (little does he know…). Abe checks the early returns and sees that he is in a good place with his own Mayoral campaign. Paulina quickly calls in “Mary” asking about her own early returns. Abe seems tickled with their snarky repartee (and so am I). He announces that Paulina has a bit of a lead on Timmons. He also reports that she has messages from her sister Tammy, the current Governor, and three from that “beeeyotch” Sloan Peterson. Paulina covers by saying Sloan was trying to angle for a job as her attorney. With that, Abe exits to check on his own campaign.

“Mary” er, um, Leo tells Paulina that she has an interview scheduled and can set up her return phone calls. She’s good with everything except speaking with Sloan - who can kick rocks. Leo takes the opportunity to ask if he can get an advance on his salary to get Sloan off his back. Paulina quickly agrees as she understands how awful Sloan is. She mentions that she has cash in her safe and a file that needs to be shredded - information she probably shouldn’t have provided Leo.

After Paulina’s exit, Leo is alone when Sloan enters. With Paulina out, they begin talking about his debt. He says the money will be to Sloan tomorrow - not good enough. She goes to call her shady bill collectors when Leo remembers there’s cash in the safe (Oh, Leo…). He finds the key/combination (how?) and pulls out the briefcase with the money. Unfortunately, he also left the safe open allowing Sloan to see the file within.

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Downward Facing Dog: Alex and Sonny are doing a little yoga in the Kiriakis living room. Alex is clearly familiar with a little downward facing dog whilst Sonny is just annoyed by the whole thing. Just then, Sloan enters no longer thrilled with his flexibility, and kicks Alex over. She is furious with him! She knows he took the file with the evidence against Chanel. She can’t understand why he would betray her, but knows Alex did his dirty work (the wrong dirty work) when she was handcuffed and blindfolded - Sonny doesn’t want to listen (Sonny could probably use a little slap and tickle). Alex tries to explain but then Sloan remembers that Maggie and evil Holly came by for Halloween. She leaves but not before regretting giving him the best sex he ever had.

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Sonny asks if Alex took something from Sloan. He says he didn’t know what was in the file, but he did take it. Alex goes on to admit that Stephanie asked him to steal it but doesn’t know why. Since then, she’s been a bit warmer to him - asking him out to dinner. Sonny advises him not to push the situation. Alex admits that he should never have been hounding Stephanie (Growth!).

Sonny is head down ass up when Leo arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. He thinks it’s Alex and Sonny asks about his form. Leo informs “Jackson” that doggie style suits him. Sonny calls him an ass and asks why he’s there. Leo informs him that he’s there to take him out to dinner so they can celebrate their success - Leo has a new job and Sonny saved his “finely toned ass) from prison.

Later that evening: Folks are at Price campaign headquarters and Paulina is on the phone with Lani who also gets to talk to Abe. Stephanie tells Paulina she thinks they avoided all possible pitfalls. Abe comes back to say his race has been called and he is still Mayor of Salem! Stephanie checks the numbers and announces that Paulina has officially been elected Governor (insert state name here).

Alex is primping when Sonny arrives also dressed. He says he’s going out to dinner and hesitantly says it’s with Leo Stark. Alex doesn’t get it and Sonny says that he needs a night out even if it’s with Leo. Alex wonders if Will knows and reminds him (and us) that Leo is his ex-husband. They get all snarky in a brotherly way (which is adorable).

Abe and Paulina are both celebrating their victories in Horton Square. He’s up first thanking the folks of Salem how grateful he is to have been re-elected. However, he intends to step down and hand the reins over to his deputy mayor because Paulina has been elected Governor. It’s his duty to support her so he will be moving with her. With that, the floor is Paulina’s. She thanks everyone and Chanel joins her and Abe on stage. There’s nothing more important than family.

Sonny congratulates Leo who is thrilled his is now the executive director for the Governor (Oh Leo…). It means he’s finally an “A-List Gay!” - with that he drags Sonny off by the hand.

Stephanie informs Chad he’s free for the evening as Paulina has given her the rest of the night off. She turns to Alex who leads her to dinner by the arm.

Sloan sits at The Brady Pub reading about Paulina’s victory and sipping a martini. She declares aloud that Paulina should enjoy her celebration now because it will be short-lived.

Chanel tells Allie, Abe and Paulina that it’s time to celebrate with champagne and it’s her treat (which harkens back to her first day in Salem). Just then Shawn Douglas arrives. He has a warrant for Chanel’s arrest. As he’s handcuffing her, he declares to all who will listen that she’s under arrest for suspicion of murder.

Julie is in Alice Horton’s living room looking at all the photographs on the mantle. Doug calls out to her from the sofa where he has a cake with “57” on the top to celebrate her life of crime (and DAYS’ 57th year!).

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