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William R. Moses Dishes Joining General Hospital as Jeff Webber

William Moses

William Moses (Dr. Jeff Webber, General Hospital) is relishing his new role. The actor spoke to Soap Opera Digest about joining the ABC soap and his co-stars.

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Although he starred on primetime soap Falcon Crest, Moses is making his daytime debut on GH. His connections to daytime are profound, though. He shared:

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I have six brothers, and my eldest brother [Rick Moses] was on the show in the early ’80s. He played Hutch, the hit man that was after Luke [Anthony Geary] and Laura. And I have been around a number of the actors, personally and professionally. Genie Francis [Laura], her father was an actor and my mother was an actress and we both had the same agent. Years ago, when I was doing the PERRY MASON MYSTERIES, she came and did one [1993’s THE CASE OF THE KILLER KISS]. Another person with that agent was Eric Braeden [Victor, Y&R], who I knew as Hans [his birth name], because he used to come over to our house when I was a kid!

Moses praised storyline partners Denise Crosby, who plays Jeff's wife Carolyn, and Rebecca Herbst, who plays Jeff's daughter Elizabeth. He said of Herbst:

The first thing you can see right away is just how proficient she is in this genre. I went, ‘Okay, I’ve got a good partner to work with, which is exciting!’ We worked the first day, which was like the bath of fire because it’s so fast and so quick, and then we worked the second day, which was even longer — Rebecca and I had 40 pages of dialogue — and by the end of it, your brain is kind of mush and you’re kind of mush, but we did have a chance to talk in the hallway and she’s just a lovely young woman and a really gifted actress and a really nice and caring and friendly person. I’m delighted with her work as an actress, and as a human being, she seems to be just wonderful. You can’t be anything but pleased that you’re getting these kinds of people to work with!

Prior to taking on the role of Jeff, Moses was unaware fans had wanted the doctor back on canvas for years. He stated:

But my reaction to learning that is, ‘How great!’ The thing that excites me most as an actor is, is there a rich emotional source for a character? With Jeff Webber, there are a lot of nice, strong things for me to play that make for a challenging and wonderful role. My mom was an actress in Hollywood and my dad was an ad man — he was the original ‘Mad Man’ — but he moved when I was very young and was not in my life, so there’s a personal well of things to draw upon [in playing Jeff], as well. This is a role that I’m getting more excited about playing daily.