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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Tells Laura He Cheated on Ava on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 8, 2022
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today’s General Hospital recap: Michael accuses Sonny and Nina of harassing his family, but Sonny defends himself about happening upon Wiley. Michael reminds them that Nina was denied visitation and Sonny says they have no plans to go against his wishes. Nina tells Michael that he should show his father more respect.

Michael says Sonny abandoned his family and he has no respect for that. Nina calls him judgemental and brings up Willow's infidelity. Michael refuses to believe it, but Sonny says he saw Willow and TJ together as well. Michael doesn't want to believe it. He blames Nina and calls her poison.

Sam drops by to update Britt on the necklace. Sam says the necklace was pretty high profile in the 80s and was worth $35 million. Sam tells her the previous owner was Leopold Taub. 

Britt says Taub and her father were working together. She wonders if it was sold to Faison or if he stole it. Sam says she didn't find any record of a sales transaction. She says that four of the gems come from the Ice Princess. 

Cody and Mac head to the hospital for their DNA results. The two make awkward small talk while waiting.

Britt spots Cody and tells him what the necklace could be worth. She adds that he could have a claim to it if he turns out to be Taub's heir. Cody gets the results of the DNA test. (Gee, let me guess, he will be Mac's, but will say he's not so that he can get the necklace.) 

Liz tells Finn she went to Monterey to see her parents and get some answers. Liz swears she didn't want to shut him out. Finn asks if she got her answers. Liz tells him about her father having an affair. She explains there was an argument with the woman before she fell down the stairs and died. 

Liz says her parents deliberately kept her from remembering and then sent away. Finn suggests she talk to Kevin. Liz agrees and thanks him for supporting her. Liz says this all happened in the Mariana Islands and the woman with whom she fought was Reiko. 

Valentin leaves Sonny a voicemail that Anna is being transferred and they need to act now. The guard takes Anna to the hospital for a phlebotomy treatment on Finn's orders.

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A disguised Valentin, with Finn's ID, orders the guard to remove Anna's cuffs. Anna questions what the plan is. Valentin explains that one of Sonny's guys will be driving the prison van. She'll be the only one on the van and will be dropped off at a rest stop. He says there will be a car waiting for her and then she'll be on the run. 

Nikolas is happy to see his mother and Laura tells Victor that she brought Charlotte home to her family. Victor asks about Valentin. Laura says he's home and will likely want to discuss things. Victor poo-poos Laura removing Charlotte, but Laura throws a veiled threat at Victor that she'll protect her family with everything she's got. 

Nikolas asks about Lesley and Laura says that all is well despite the fire. She throws more shade at Victor about the fire possibly being deliberate.

After Victor leaves, Laura updates Nikolas about Charlotte's kidnapping, but now she's fine. Laura warns Nikolas that Victor can turn on him at any time. Nikolas says he's handling Victor.

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Laura asks about Ava and Nikolas tells her they haven't worked out and are getting a divorce. Laura asks if Victor was involved in the divorce. Nikolas swears it was all his fault and admits he cheated on Ava. Later, Nikolas checks in on Esme, who has escaped through the window using the sheets.

Willow understands her cancer is progressing more rapidly and says she's ready to start treatment now that she's in her second trimester. Terry seems concerned, so Willow wonders if she'll die before her baby is born (ahh if only we were all so lucky). Terry says they'll work more aggressively while minimizing the risks. 

Terry says they need to start treatment now and bone marrow transplants have been successful. In Willow's case, this means an allogenic transplant, which is better from a related donor, but not necessary. Terry says Willow's HLA will be matched against the national database for any possible match.

Alone with TJ, Willow starts crying. She says can't die and leave Wiley and Michael. She regrets the decision she made to wait for treatment, but TJ says she chose to protect her child. The two share a hug as Michael walks in.

Dex is the driver assigned to Anna's prison van. Unfortunately, Heather and her guard are forced to join them since their van broke down. The guard assigned to Heather is not happy when Dex says he's dropping them off at Darkham first. He pulls his gun and fights with Dex. A gunshot rings out.

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