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The Young and the Restless Recap: Amanda and Chance Interrupt Devon and Abby’s Adulterous Adventure

The Young and the Restless Recap for November 8, 2022
Chance Chancellor, Amanda Sinclair, The Young and the Restless

Conner Floyd, Mishael Morgan

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Devon and Abby are making out. Amanda arrives at the door and is stopped by Nate, who asks about her mother. He understands how long it can take to recover from a stroke. He follows up asking about Imani. She says everyone is doing okay, but wants to discuss more. He invites her inside his place.

Amanda immediately goes IN on him wondering how Nate could have betrayed Devon and his entire family. Nate is not here for a lecture, but Amanda has more business to discuss. She can’t imagine how he could have put himself in the legal jeopardy he did by talking to Victoria about Chancellor-Winters business. She goes personal asking if he has considered making things right with Devon. Nate thinks Amanda is being pretty damned judgmental for someone who hasn’t been around. She counters that she is devastated by what has happened and wants to help bridge the gap between the two of them. Nate tries to explain but also understands that Amanda is on Devon’s side. Nate’s very clear that Devon’s memories of working with Neil are keeping him from finding a path for them to work together.

Lily is leaving a message for Jill asking for help as Esther is cleaning up the office. She asks her to have Devon report to her if she sees him. As Esther exits, she sees Jill walking in. She announces herself as the new receptionist at Chancellor-Winters. Jill has arrived to see Billy. Esther lets her know that he and Devon are out, but Lily is inside. Jill is unwell with this information. She enters and immediately asks Lily why everyone is gone. Jill assumed that with the insanity going on, all major hands would be on deck. Why is Lily handling things by herself?

Esther tries to interject saying that Billy has been working from home a lot, and she’s also willing to babysit for Devon if it helps everyone. Jill dismisses Esther and gets to the point with Lily. Where is Billy? Lily thinks Jill should speak with Billy directly. She follows up saying that Billy has resigned. Jill is furious! Lily assures her that she has things under control. She goes on to explain that Billy needs to leave because he’s not passionate about his work. Jill is not moved by the explanation. He should have had the good sense to stick around and help. Lily says she urged him to leave because his lack of focus made things harder for her.

Lily explains that Billy wants to do something different, but isn’t sure what. Jill continues to be skeptical. Lily doubles down saying that Billy doesn’t want to let Jill down. Jill appreciates Lily’s explanation, but this is Billy’s pattern. She thinks there is no excuse for this behavior anymore. Jill thinks Lily deserves better than what Billy is providing.

Billy is at Society as Victoria enters. Johnny and Connor had a discussion about Chelsea at the Halloween sleepover and they need to discuss. Victoria asks Billy to chat with Johnny. He follows up asking about how she stands with Chelsea. Victoria thinks she made the right decision by asking Chelsea to let Johnny control the narrative… despite how it turned out. Billy says she’s right, and isn’t pointing any fingers.

Chelsea is in her room at the mental health facility when her new Doctor Malone arrives. They try to feel each other out about their upcoming conversation. Chelsea thinks it’s all very one-side because she is the only person sharing. The doctor encourages her just get started and talk. Chelsea says she’s a little embarrassed about how people will view her. The doctor opens up appropriately saying that she’s had prior experiences with folks who have attempted to die by suicide - she was nervous and stressed out and realized that she had to get her feelings under control. It’s about the person that’s in front of her. Chelsea feels like she’s been running on empty for a very long time. She’s had feelings that were unpredictable and dangerous since she was a teenager. She got into dramas her whole life that kept her from confronting her own feelings. When she had her stroke, she finally was forced to deal with herself. The other night she couldn’t run from herself anymore… couldn’t take the pain any longer.

Dr. Malone exits the room just as Billy arrives. He wonders how he can help. She says being supportive and non-judgmental is the most important thing. She also encourages him to say how he feels about the night she tried to end her life.

Billy goes into Chelsea’s room to check on her. She tries to push him away before the settle in to a conversation about the night he found her on the roof. He’s really glad she didn’t die. Chelsea appreciates his words because he knows her. Billy follows up reminding her that there are so many people who love her.

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Chance is at Society looking for Abby. He’s leaving her a message saying he’s sorry about everything. He has a lot going on his mind, but he wants to fix whatever is broken between them.

Chance is at Society when the nanny arrives. He wonders if she knows where in the world Abby is. She says Abby took Dom to see Devon.

Meanwhile, Abby is being sexed up one side and down the other by Daddy Devon - with a soundtrack.

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-Lily appreciates Jill’s concern for her, but she doesn’t have the time or the patience to deal with this mess. Jill wonders if Lily has the time or the patience to deal with Billy. Lily reminds her that she loves her son. She also adores Chancellor-Winters and is confident everything will work out the way it should.

-Chelsea says she doesn’t quite have the energy to respond to Connor quite yet. Billy encourages her to at least respond so he isn’t worried. She realizes she needs to talk to Adam and be the one to tell him what happened.

-Devon and Abby are breathlessly basking in the afterglow of their nekkidness. Abby says she wants to hang on to a moment where she feels seen and cared for (oy…).

-Nate escorts Amanda out and she says she will put her personal feelings to the side to try and make peace between him and Devon. She thinks it’s worth the time to try and bring a family back together. Nate thinks Devon is lucky to have her by his side. Just then, the elevator opens revealing Chance. Nate exits leaving Chance and Amanda together. He’s looking for Abby. Amanda invites him in since she just got home herself.

-Nate walks into Victoria’s office saying he’s about to go HR just in case she wants to rescind her offer. She assures him she’s thrilled about his new position, but wonders if there’s something wrong. Nate finds it refreshing to have a boss who is actually interested in what he is thinking and feeling.

-Across town, Chance and Amanda enter to find Devon and Abby all nekkid and making out!

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