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Perkie’s Observations: Michael Catches TJ and Willow in a Moment of Intimacy on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 9, 2022
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Michael Corinthos, General Hospital

Chad Duell

On today’s General Hospital recap: The prison van has crashed, knocking out everyone. Dex wakes up first and checks on the passengers. He convinces Anna to wake up so he doesn't have to take her to the hospital. Heather has escaped (I'm shocked, SHOCKED I TELLYA!!)

Valentin's waiting and worrying for Anna at the checkpoint, but she doesn't arrive. He hears the police scanner that the van crashed. He heads out and finds them. Anna says they have to find Heather, but Valentin insists the police are on their way. Anna is thankful that Valentin got her away, but worries the police will be looking for him as well.

Sonny leaves Dex a voicemail asking for an update which Dante partially overhears. Sonny says he's making sure that Anna's stay at Pentonville is a safe one. Dante wants a night out with his father, but Sonny questions his motives. Dante says Sonny has dealt with a lot lately and he just wants to make sure he's fine. Dante gets the call about the van and heads out.

Cody checks the DNA results and tells the Scorpios he's not Mac's son. Cody offers to remain friends with Mac, who eventually agrees. Felicia comforts Mac, who admits he was excited at the idea of a son. Felicia is less than kind to Cody because she knows he didn't want to be part of their family anyway.

Cody admits to Britt he was hoping to join Mac's family so he wouldn't be alone in the world. He says Leopold Taub is his father. When alone, he checks the DNA results, which of course, say that Mac is 99.9% his father.

Michael walks in on TJ comforting Willow and questions why they're embracing in Terry's empty office. Willow asks if he thinks she's cheating on him with TJ. (She says it with such shock, like she forgot that she's cheated on a man before. (Once a cheater.....)

Willow and TJ swear they aren't having an affair. Michael still feels that something is going on and insists on being told. Willow tells him she has leukemia and apologizes for keeping it from him. The two share a hug and Willow tells him the baby is fine, but she hasn't started treatment yet.

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Willow explains about she waited to give their baby a better chance. She says the delay caused her to enter into stage four and now she'll start treatment right away. Willow explains about the bone marrow transplant and swears she was going to tell him today. Michael promises they'll deal with this together from now on.

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TJ runs into Sonny, who asks about him and Willow. TJ says it was a misunderstanding and he's not having an affair with Willow. He blames Nina for dragging Sonny into it and and mentions how she likes to cause trouble. Sonny says Nina's heart's in the right place and he saw them together as well. TJ swears something is happening, but it's not an affair and to trust him.

Finn can't believe Elizabeth’s memory is of Reiko and questions whether her parents are even telling her the truth. Finn says Reiko told him she tripped down the stairs, but Liz says she caused the fall. Finn can't believe that Reiko lied to him, but Liz tells him that Reiko and Jeff were having an affair. Finn leaves. An upset Liz decides to head to Wyndemere to see Nikolas.

Nikolas calls someone to tell them Esme escaped from the room and can't find her anywhere. He finds the lights out. Someone dressed in black with a hook shows up behind him. The hooker cracks Nikolas in the head and the two fight over the weapon before it's dropped. The hooker runs out the door while Nikolas falls to the ground.

When Nikolas finishes his little nap, he finds the hook, which he recognizes from his own boathouse and figures Esme is the guilty party.

Mac and Dante get to the scene of the accident. Mac tells Dante the Darkham guard told him that the driver bypassed the exit to Pentonville and he tried to stop him. Dante figures this was done to spring Anna, and both agree she'll use all of her resources not to get caught. Dante puts out an APB on both women.  

Dante calls Sonny to tell him about Anna and Heather. He tells Sonny the driver took off as well. Meanwhile, Dex drags himself through the forest, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

Esme's hiding on the pier, when Liz shows up. (That didn't look like the usual pier to Wyndemere. It looked like the people get shot on and are thrown into the river pier. The Wyndemere pier is lighter, has a bench and the harbor master's office. Why would Liz show up to this one?)

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