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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke Makes The Decision to Let Ridge Go

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 10, 2022
Brooke Logan, The Bold and the Beautifl

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Parent Trap Twins: Steffy’s thrilled with the current situation, but wonders why Brooke won’t succumb to the inevitable. Thomas says that all the heartache and betrayal have led Brooke to her current situation (Oh Thomas…). Steffy’s done with all this foolishness and is ready for Taylor to get on with her new life with daddy Ridge.

Just then, Taylor arrives wondering what the hell is going on. She RESCHEDULED A PATIENT to respond to Steffy’s text (really?). Steffy smiles as if she’s 12 years old. Taylor rightfully assumes some amazing event is happening like Steffy is pregnant. Nope, not at all, it’s just the parent trap twins being excited about their parents being back together - like we already knew they were. FINALLY, Steffy tells Taylor that Ridge served Brooke with annulment papers.

Taylor is happy for the movement forward, but none of them should forget how important Brooke is to Ridge. Thomas says they should be popping bottles because Brooke is out of their lives for good (Really queen?). Taylor’s not convinced that yet another “switch-a-roo” might happen. Steffy hugs Taylor as Thomas looks concerned.

Who Is To Blame? Liam visits with Hope, but is very HOPEFUL he won’t run into Thomas. Hope says Thomas and Steffy are hanging out in the other office so he’s good for now. Liam is THRILLED for Hope’s success. She hasn’t had time to actually process all that happened.

Hope looks at Liam with eyes that aren’t as sparkly as those that stare at Thomas (get it together, girl!). Just then, Katie arrives telling them Ridge served Brooke with annulment papers. As they discuss the situation, Hope’s face starts to betray how she understands the role both Steffy and Thomas have played in her mother’s personal horror show.

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Katie wonders what the hell happened since Ridge is now serving Brooke with papers. In a move that elicited my own laughter, Liam says, “Dude just left with no explanation.” (HAHAHAHAHAHA!). Immediately, Hope and Liam begin to bicker over Steffy and Thomas’ responsibilities - Katie jumps in saying that Ridge is a grown ass man who is totally responsible for his own decisions.

Katie exits and Hope confronts Liam about why he thinks Thomas is being manipulative (do you have a few hours, Hope?). Liam reminds her about how every time in the past when things went awry, Thomas was responsible.

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Annulment? Ridge confronts Brooke about why she hasn’t signed the annulment papers (whilst the audience is wondering how annulment papers make sense…). Brooke says they should throw the papers in the fireplace. Ridge contends he’s trying to handle their situation the best way he knows how. Brooke clearly doesn’t understand what the hell is going on and he still looks at her as if she should know so he’s not going to say anything out loud (For the love…).

Brooke begs Ridge for any explanation why he's leaving her. Shocking to no one, he just growls and says he just wants some humanity and forgiveness - which makes no sense to Brooke nor the audience. He begins to cry saying she gave up on his son and walks towards the door (this is maddening…).

Ridge is beside himself, but not enough to actually tell Brooke what his issues are. She says that Thomas is manipulative and responsible for some of their marital issues. Ridge continues to not say anything out loud, but asks Brooke if there’s anything she wants to tell him.

Brooke has no clue what Thomas has to do with their marriage. He tells her he will always love her, but can’t do this. Brooke suddenly gets a clear head and tells him she won’t stand in the way of his future with Taylor. She takes the annulment papers (again, someone please explain how an annulment is a thing) and signs them. Ridge takes the papers, strokes Brooke’s cheek (how did she not rip his fingers out of their socket) and exits. 

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