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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ Turns The Tables on Ava's Kidnapping Scheme

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 10, 2022
EJ DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Basic Black: Nicole gets an email from her photoshoot with Eric when Rafe arrives with dinner. Rafe brings up her modeling for Eric and how he would have liked to have found out from her. Nicole apologizes and comes clean with the latest photos of her and Eric. 

Rafe gets angry that even Alex can see their chemistry and wonders why Nicole won't admit her feelings. Rafe thinks Nicole is gaslighting him into not seeing what he clearly sees. Nicole tries to soften the blow, but Rafe isn't having it. He tells Nicole to be honest with him and herself, but Nicole denies, denies, denies. Rafe doesn't think there's anything more to say.

Eric storms into Basic Black and asks Nicole if she's seen the photos. Rafe snidely tells Eric not to talk to him about it and leaves. 

Kiriakis shed: Clown-faced Xander returns with food for Susan, but she's not interested. Susan keeps berating Xander and he runs out of the shed to call Ava. Ava tells Xander he needs to stay the course. Xander gets angry and threatens to let Susan go if he doesn't get his money pronto.

Xander returns and tells Susan she won't be there much longer. She asks Xander how someone in his life would feel if they knew he was a dirty, lowdown kidnapper. He turns away with a sadness that comes through the clown mask. Xander asks about her second sight, but Susan points out he's wearing a wedding ring.

Susan calls out to the universe for Mrs. Clown to reach out to her husband and save him from his wicked ways. Just then, Sarah calls. Xander decide's he's had enough and puts a gag over Susan's mouth.

DiMera mansion: EJ gets angry when he can't reach Ava, who's hanging out in the crypt with Charlie. Tony enters and EJ tells him Susan was kidnapped. Tony's aware that EJ hates Rafe, but thinks the Salem PD's resources could be helpful, especially after what Ava did to Rafe.

Ava calls and says Susan's fine. She tells EJ she wants $20 million in exchange for his mother. Ava tells him to wire the funds into an offshore account. Once the transaction's confirmed, Susan will be free. Tony offer to help, but EJ says he will do what he must do to get his mother home.

Kiriakis mansion: Bonnie comes in and tells Maggie that Chanel was arrested for murder. Bonnie wonders how Victor dogged Xander enough to chase him out of the house. She claims Victor dogs her all the time, but she's sticking around for the amenities.

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Maggie confesses it's her 11th wedding anniversary. Bonnie asks what they're doing to celebrate, but Maggie says she sad about Victor and Xander. Bonnie says she'll handle it.

When alone, Bonnie calls Sarah to remind her of Maggie's anniversary. She wants the family together to celebrate and tells Sarah to head home for a celebratory dinner.

Maggie's thrilled that Sarah and Xander will be joining them for dinner. She thanks Bonnie before heading upstairs to get dressed. Bonnie asks about two stainless steel lanterns she's seen in the house before. She thinks they would make a perfect centerpiece for their steel anniversary. Maggie loves the idea and says they're in the gardening shed out back. Bonnie heads out to get them.

Brady Pub: Sarah comes into the pub and talks to Eric about Xander's new job. Sarah explains she made a house call to Rachel, and both she and Eric agree they'll never get over losing her. Eric admits he's still trying to forgive Xander and practice what he preaches. Sarah says Xander isn't the same man he was before.

Sarah tells Xander (over the phone) about the anniversary dinner for Maggie and Victor. She tells him how upset Maggie is over his rift with Victor and begs him to show up. Xander agrees to do it for Maggie.

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-Eric offers to chase after Rafe, but Nicole tells him everyone can see what's going on between them. Nicole and Eric admit their feelings and start making out.

-Maggie is happy to see Sarah and Xander. Xander asks about Bonnie and Maggie tells them she's heading out to the gardening shed.

-Bonnie is shocked to see a tied-up and gagged Susan.

-EJ smirks when he tells Tony didn't exactly wire the money to Ava's account.

-Ava and Charlie are celebrating her victory over EJ when Ava gets an alert. Ava flips out when she sees a picture of Tripp tied up with a gun to his head.

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