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Perkie's Observations: Liz Comes Face to Face With a Very Much Alive Esme on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 10, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today’s General Hospital recap: Liz is shocked to find Esme on the pier since she thought Esme was overseas. Esme doesn't understand Liz's anger, but Liz reminds her that she videotaped Cameron. When Liz calls 911, Esme makes a move towards her. Liz falls backwards and hits her head. Liz is in and out when Nikolas shows up. He tells her to trust him and drags Esme back to Wyndemere.

Esme tells Nikolas that Liz called the police and they will look here for her. Nikolas is certain Liz won't give him up. Esme says Nikolas can't kill her because of the baby, but he says she'll be worth nothing once the baby is born. Nikolas brings up the attack with the hook, but Esme swears it wasn't her.

Cameron is worried when he finds Heather waiting for a BLT at Kelly's. Heather recognizes him and the two talk about Franco. When he has a moment, Cameron smartly calls Dante.

Jordan and Dante discuss Anna's escape and how Valentin is nowhere to be found. The two agree Sonny may be involved. Jordan gets a call that Esme was spotted on the docks and heads over there. Dante gets a call from Cameron and heads over to Kelly's.

Dante shows up at Kelly's and disarms Heather. He asks how the accident happened but she claims not to know. Dante takes her away.

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Nina tells Ava she misunderstood the dynamic between Willow and TJ. Ava accuses her of stirring the pot and says Nina needs to apologize to Willow. Nina heads out to do that, just as Victor arrives to talk to Ava.

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Michael promises Willow she's not alone and needs to know everything. Willow says she doesn't want everyone else to know because they'll treat her differently. Nina shows up to apologize to Willow, but neither are accepting. Willow tells Nina to drop dead. (Okay, who do I have to pay, sleep with, or give chocolates to to have Nina tell Willow the same thing when she comes begging for some bone marrow?)

Victor talks to Ava about her divorce, but she says it's not final yet. Victor gives her a veiled warning to make sure the divorce goes through. Nina returns so Victor heads out. Nina tells Ava how Willow treated her. Victor's minion tells him about Esme. He goes back to Ava to tell her that Esme was spotted alive in Port Charles.

Liz is brought to the hospital and is kept for observation. Jordan questions her and Liz says Esme technically didn't attack, but she fell when Esme came at her. Liz says someone else was there, but doesn't give Nikolas up. Jordan puts a BOLO (be on the lookout) for Esme.

Dex drags his gunshot body to Michael and Willow's cottage. Josslyn just happens to be babysitting Wiley. He swears it's just a graze and Josslyn grabs Willow's first aid kit to patch him up. Josslyn sews up the wound and gets him a new shirt. The two have a moment. Dex takes off when Michael and Willow get home, and Josslyn hides the evidence he was there. 

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