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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jada’s Pregnancy Comes at an Inopportune Moment for Eric and Nicole

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 11, 2022
Jada Hunter, Days of Our Lives

Elia Cantu

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

XanderClown: Xander is freaking about Bonnie going to the shed. Xander pretends to get a text and exits. Sarah thinks Xander is talking to his new (fake) employer, “RedNax” - where Xander is an executive. Victor purposely misinterprets Sarah’s words and wonders aloud why “rednecks” would need an executive. (Bitter, snarky Victor is the best Victor.)

A surprised Bonnie removes the gag and Susan thinks Bonnie is Adrianne come back from the dead. Susan speaks the obvious saying that Justin has a very specific type! She tells Bonnie that a clown kidnapped her. Bonnie and Susan both wonder why she was kidnapped. Bonnie explains she came down to get some supplies for Victor and Maggie’s anniversary. Just as she’s getting Susan untied, XanderClown appears. Bonnie grabs a pitchfork (really?) and tries to keep him at bay.

When next we see this motley crew, Bonnie is being tied up right next to Susan. XanderClown is gone and Bonnie immediately gets the gag out of her mouth. She begins screaming. She also tells Susan that Maggie knows she’s at the shed and someone will find them.

Xander returns, just as Victor is questions his place of employment. Sarah is immediately called away by a text from the hospital. Just as Maggie is getting worried about Bonnie, Xander sends a text from her phone. "Bonnie" tells Maggie she was suddenly called to Chicago to deal with a Mimi emergency. Maggie tries to get Xander to stay for dinner, but he takes a hard pass. Maggie tries to get Victor to say nice things, but he chooses sarcasm. With that, Maggie walks Xander out.

DiMera crypt: Ava, with Charlie looking over her shoulder, gets a text from EJ showing a picture of Tripp at gunpoint. He kidnapped her son because Ava kidnapped his mother. She tries to call Tripp, but gets voicemail. She calls EJ and leaves a message threatening to kill him (not a great move, Ava).

Charlie laughs and tells his mother that EJ got the best of her. When EJ texts her back, she texts Xander, but Charlie puts a stop to it. He urges her to think before giving up Susan as she is Ava’s only leverage. Ava goes on and on about how worried she is about Tripp. Charlie reminds his mother that EJ is ruthless…a task that she is very much up for. Ava makes a change in tactics and calls Steve. She tells him there’s an emergency. Charlie is very pleased, indeed.

Reunited? Eric and Nicole go into full-on make out mode when Jada arrives and catches the show. She is visibly upset when she exits unseen. Eric and Nicole breakaway from the kiss and begin to analyze the situation. Eric thinks they lost their heads for a minute, but Nicole speaks the truth saying they’ve been fighting their feelings for months. Eric tells her he tried to reveal his feelings months ago, but it was the day she married Rafe. Nicole says they have good relationships with Rafe and Jada, but nothing like what they have with each other.

Nicole is beside herself that she’s hidden her feelings from Rafe. She loves him, but not like she loves Eric. Nicole tells Eric she married Rafe so she could forget their magical chemistry. Eric goes into self-flagellation mode and blames himself for running away when the going got tough. Nicole gets all sappy with her feelings and Eric kisses and embraces her. Eric and Nicole agree to tell their respective partners they’re leaving them so they can reunite. They agree not to screw things up this time. Just then, Eric gets a call from Rafe saying that Jada’s in the hospital. 

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Heartbreak Hotel: Steve is talking to Kayla when he happens upon a despondent Rafe. Steve thinks Rafe is overreacting to Eric and Nicole’s working relationship…maybe he’s being possessive. Rafe thinks he’s on target with his perception of the situation. Steve counters that folks can be friends with their ex. Rafe is having none of Steve’s foolishness. (I do hope that Rafe is going dark and not just sad). Steve encourages Rafe to communicate with Nicole and maybe just trust her (Oh Steve…). Rafe kind of overlooks the advice and says Jada shares his concerns. Steve urges Rafe not to ignore the problem. Just then, Jada arrives looking discombobulated. She has some work to go over with Rafe, which prompts Steve to exit.

Jada shakes the work story and immediately says she saw Nicole and Eric at Basic Black. Before she can finish, he says that he already saw the dynamic duo and got in an argument over the modeling they will be doing for Bella. They stand and Jada immediately drops to the ground.

University Hospital: Eric arrives at the hospital and Rafe tells him Jada fainted. Sarah comes out saying they’ve drawn Jada’s blood and will hopefully know something soon. As they head back to Jada’s room, Nicole arrives and sees Rafe.

Chez Johnson: Ava arrives at Kayla and Steve’s place, and quickly lets her know that EJ kidnapped Tripp - and shows him the picture. Steve calls Joey, who says Tripp has gone camping. Steve wonders why EJ has made such a risky move to counter Ava coming back to Salem. Steve thinks she’s hiding information, but decides to find EJ and force him to reveal Tripp’s location. 

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-Maggie and Victor are being adorable as they’ve been left alone to celebrate their anniversary. They both agree they are lucky to have one another.

-Bonnie and Susan are doing their best to free themselves from the ties that bind them when XanderClown arrives. He dashes their hopes of rescue and shows them the text he sent Maggie from Bonnie’s phone. Just then, Bonnie realizes that XanderClown knows her because he knows about Mimi - with that she is re-gagged.

-Steve doubles down and calls Ava a liar for not telling him the whole truth. Ava urges him to go find Tripp and forget about the details. With that, she hugs and thanks him.

-Nicole tells Rafe she was with Eric when he got the call. Rafe takes Nicole into a private area and apologizes for reacting the way he did to the photo shoot. Nicole immediately tells Rafe he was actually right and she wants to be with Eric.

-Eric offers to get Jada some water. He’s so happy that Rafe was with her when she fainted. Jada has no time for Eric’s foolishness. Just as Jada is about to tell Eric she saw him making out with Nicole, Sarah returns with lab results. She thinks Eric should exit, but Jada wants him to stay. She takes a look at the papers, looks up, and says, “I’m pregnant.” 

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