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Perkie's Observations: Cyrus Warns Laura to Keep Anna Out of Pentonville on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 11, 2022
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Cyrus Renault, General Hospital

Jeff Kober

On today’s General Hospital recap: Sonny shows up at the safe house where Valentin and Anna are hiding out. Anna explains what happened with the accident and Sonny's not sure where Dex ended up.

Dex is sleeping it off in Josslyn's dorm room. Once he's awake, she tells him that she found him bleeding again and brought him to the campus. Dex says he can't stay and tries to stand, but falls into her arms. Dex needs to use her phone, but Josslyn refuses and says he can't use her phone to call Sonny.

Cameron's worried when he doesn't hear back from Josslyn. He's the one to update Trina on Esme's return to town. The two agree they need to watch their backs. Spencer's name comes up and Trina swears she tried to see him before he was sent away. Cameron tells her to visit Spencer. He brings up the letter, which piques Trina's interest.

Josslyn calls Trina and tells her not to come back to the dorm room today because they're spraying for bed bugs. Cameron asks to speak to Josslyn, but she blows him off.

Laura pays Spencer a visit at Pentonville. She doesn't understand why he didn't spill the beans on who helped him leave Shadybrook. Laura tells her that Esme is back in town and doesn't understand why Spencer is still so resentful of Nikolas. Spencer tells her to talk to Nikolas or Esme.

Cyrus asks to speak to Laura before she leaves. Laura admits she knows Cyrus wasn't the one who put the hit on her and Martin last year. He asks who it was and she asks what he would do if she told him. Cyrus admits he would send a message to safeguard his family. Cyrus asks about Martin and swears he's doing everything to make things right with his family.

Cyrus brings up Spencer and says he's been protecting him on the inside, which does not sit well with Laura. Cyrus swears he's just looking out for his nephew. Cyrus brings up Anna and tells Laura to make sure that Anna doesn't end up in Pentonville. Laura asks what Cyrus knows and he mentions Olivia Jerome. He says it's best if Anna stays on the run.

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Austin finds Britt's having symptoms and doesn't believe her when she tries to brush it off. Austin tells her to run some tests since it could indicate an underlying condition. Britt admits to him that she has Huntington's. Austin asks about treatment, but Britt says she doesn't have a specialist.

Austin tells her that there are protocols that can help her in the early stages. Britt says she knows, but doesn't want to waste her time. Austin says there are advances in medicine everyday and points out she caught it early. He tells her that she's respected and loved by those near her, like Maxie. Austin tells her to let everyone support her.

Agent Witten from the US Marshal's office storms into Jordan's office to tell her that he's assuming control of Anna's case. Jordan's not amused and insists it's still her case. Witten tells her that Deputy Mayor Ashby called him in.

Witten goes over the case with Jordan and says they need to find out who was driving the van. Jordan summons Sonny, who gets into it with Witten. He says he wants to make a deal with Anna. He tells Sonny to tell Anna they can offer safe haven unless she refuses to come in. Jordan says Anna isn't a danger to the public, but Witten disagrees.

After he leaves, Jordan and Sonny discuss Anna and how Jordan can't break the law for her. Sonny says they can't turn Anna over to the agent. He says Anna is safer on her own.

Anna tells Valentin he needs to leave because he'll go to prison if they get caught. He says he's there to help her figure out how to take down Victor. Anna says Valentin has to keep Charlotte safe from Victor and she can manage without him. Valentin gives her his Cassadine ring and asks her to keep it for him. The two share a kiss before he leaves.

Trina heads to Pentonville to see Spencer. 

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