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Perkie's Observations: Trina Makes Peace with Spencer on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 14, 2022
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Tabyana Ali

On today’s General Hospital recap: *The role of Nikolas Cassadine is temporarily being played by Adam Huss.*

Curtis and Portia head to the hospital to get the results of the genetic testing. Jordan interrupts to speak privately with Portia. Portia goes off on Jordan, reminding her that anything to do with Curtis does not involve her anymore. Jordan interrupts to tell Portia that Esme was spotted in town and for Trina to be careful.

Curtis has the test results and asks Portia to interpret them. Marshall questions whether Curtis will develop schizophrenia. Portia explains to them there are ten genes that tie directly to schizophrenia and Curtis doesn't have any. Portia finds it odd, but celebrates the good news. Marshall gets teary-eyed and is thankful he didn't leave Curtis with the same burden.

Portia finds Jordan and tells her there is no chance Curtis will develop schizophrenia, which is a relief. Jordan points out it doesn't change the fact that Trina could be his daughter.

Finn heads to an AA meeting and shares with the group, which includes Alexis. After the meeting, Alexis wonders what has Finn so distracted. He tells her that Reiko was having an affair and doesn't know what to do with the information. Alexis tells him to discuss it with Liz.

Carly drops in on Liz and demands to know what happened with Esme on the docks, and Liz explains. Carly realizes that Liz is going through old photos to discard them and wonders why. Liz says she hadn't seen her parents in 25 years until a few days ago and plans to burn the photos. Carly says Liz's thoughts may change and someday she'll regret getting rid of them.

Carly admits they aren't friends, but says she's worried about Liz, having never seen her like this. Liz says she's re-evaluating relationships with everyone, but her boys. Carly offers to listen if Liz ever needs to vent.

Josslyn stops her RA moments before she lets herself into her dorm room and says the bedbugs were just a rumor. Adam stops by wondering what Josslyn is hiding (and I tell Adam to mind his beeswax), when he hears a noise coming from her room. Josslyn claims she took in a cat and he promises to keep her secret.

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Josslyn finds Dex on the floor, burning up and passed out. She gets him up and says she needs to get him to urgent care, but he refuses. Josslyn realizes she needs to get him antibiotics and Dex thanks her for her help. Carly catches Josslyn as she's heading out.

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Esme is upset to find all of her windows covered. Nikolas warns her not to try to escape again or he'll send her to Cassadine Island. He says he'll do everything to protect his family. After he leaves, Esme appeals to Nikolas’ minion Demetrius to get her out. Demetrius claims Nikolas is a good man and for her to trust him.

Ava shows up at Wyndemere to tell Nikolas about Esme's run-in with Liz and says they need to find her before the police do. Ava is certain Esme will hurt them if they don't get to her first. Nikolas promises he won't let Esme hurt her again, but Ava doesn't believe in his promises anymore.

Trina says she's here to see if there is anything to salvage and if Spencer would want to. Trina asks about the letter and wants to know what he was trying to tell her. Spencer says he's known all along that she was innocent.

Spencer says deceiving her was for the best and won't apologize for protecting her. Trina says it hurt that Spencer thought so little of her. Trina says she feels badly about what's happening to him, but he says he's surprised she cares.

Trina says he knew how she felt about him. Spencer says he tried to call her but she didn't answer. Trina brings up being at the comic book convention with Rory. Spencer says he's happy for her and Rory and gets up to leave. Trina stops him, and says she's grateful for what he did and knows what he meant by it.

Jeff Webber shows up at the hospital in search of Liz, and finds Finn instead.

Liz heads to Wyndemere to see Nikolas. 

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