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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Douglas Confronts Thomas With The Harsh Truth

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 14, 2022
Douglas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Henry Joseph Samiri

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Forrester Creations: Taylor asks Ridge how his big talk went with Brooke. He said it wasn’t easy but necessary, and now it’s done. She didn’t know he was talking to Brooke today. She wants Ridge to share his feelings. She pushes him and he admits to he's sad since they’ve been together for so long. Taylor is proud of him for actually making the move to end things with Brooke and be with her, but she wonders if he feels guilty. She presses him, but Ridge changes the subject to talk about their life going forward. With that, Ridge mysteriously exits.

Ridge texts Taylor and asks her to come to the showroom. She arrives and Ridge asks if she remembers a few years back when they celebrated another fashion show. He thinks they have an opportunity to pick up where they left off. Taylor turns and sees a beautiful wedding dress. When she turns back around, Ridge is on one knee. Before he can say anything, Taylor says “yes” and jumps into his arms (RUN, Taylor!!!!).

Brooke’s mansion: Donna doesn’t understand why Brooke would agree to an annulment. She said she’s not going to stand in his way if he wants to move on with Taylor. When Donna asks what happened, Brooke lets her know that Thomas (and his big bag of ridiculousness) happened. She doesn’t actually know what happened because Ridge is maddening and won’t tell her.

Donna doesn’t blame Brooke for being wary of Thomas and then goes into how angry he got with Douglas earlier today. She tells her about the issue with the app when Thomas suddenly arrives. Brooke wonders why he’s at her house. Thomas wants to see her alone. Donna exits to head to Forrester, but not before giving Brooke an alarmed look.

Brooke assumes Thomas is there to gloat. He says he’s not, but it’s nice to see the good guys win (who exactly are these good guys of which you speak?). Brooke says she’s not a villain in Taylor’s story - though Thomas doesn’t agree. He’s actually there to urge her not to interfere in Ridge and Taylor’s love story. He says that Brooke’s relationship with Ridge should have been done years ago.

Brooke questions Thomas and says she knows he did something to impact Ridge’s decision. Thomas goes in saying that she hated him from day one (soooo, that’s not at all true). He explains how in the last few years she’s had nothing supportive to offer him (really, Thomas?). Brooke is stunned and says she doesn’t trust him. Thomas all but stomps his feet saying he doesn’t need her trust. Brooke warns him to neither hurt Hope nor Douglas.

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Forrester mansion: Douglas doesn’t understand why Thomas is so mad at him (though it should spark some abusive memories). Thomas says he just doesn’t like the voice altering app on his phone. A very unaware Douglas doesn’t get it. Thomas says his son is being disrespectful and his behavior needs to stop. Thomas asks Douglas to go upstairs and delete the damn thing (why Thomas wouldn’t just delete it from his phone is beyond me). Meanwhile, we get YET ANOTHER FLASHBACK of Thomas’ deceitful call to CPS.

Douglas plays with his phone rather than delete the app. He finds the “restore deleted files” option. Have mercy, he played with Donna saying, “hey, honey bear.” Next, he hears Brooke’s “call” to CPS. Then, he hears Thomas’ voice saying exactly what he heard Grandma Brooke saying. He puts two and two together and understands Thomas called CPS on himself.

Thomas enters Douglas’ room. He quickly hides his phone from his father. Thomas immediately asks what’s up with him acting guilty. Douglas decides (unfortunately) to be honest and say he was going to delete the app, but decided to restore the deleted voice files.

Thomas is stunned to learn that Douglas was able to restore everything, including the recording he heard with Brooke’s voice. Thomas doubles down on his lie and says Brooke called CPS because she doesn’t want them to be together. Douglas (who is smarter than the average soap child) says he thinks there’s a reason the file is on his phone and it was erased on purpose. He doubles down saying he’s not a dummy.

Douglas knows Grandma Brooke’s call wasn’t the original. He knows Thomas made the call himself so Grandpa Ridge would want to be with Grandma Taylor (c’mon, Douglas!). Thomas immediately admits Douglas is right, but he only called CPS because Brooke threatened to do the same - it was a preemptive strike (c’mon, Douglas - stay the course!)

Thomas explains that Douglas doesn’t know how much happier Ridge is with Taylor. Douglas admits this point, but says he DOES know when SOMETHING. IS. WRONG. What Thomas did was WRONG. IT REMINDS HIM OF WHEN HE KEPT BABY BETH FROM EVERYONE! Thomas narrows his eyes saying it’s not the same nor will this situation end in the same way. 

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