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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ Chooses Violence When Ava Threatens Susan’s Life

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 14, 2022
EJ DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Casa de Johnson: Kayla finds Steve and Ava embracing. Kayla is confused as she thought Ava had moved to Seattle because of an issue with EJ. Ava shoots back that EJ doesn’t get to tell her what to do. Ava exits and Steve fills Kayla in on Tripp’s kidnapping. He quickly tells her that he believes EJ is behind everything. Steve lets her know that Joey is safe. Kayla rightfully assumes that Ava hasn’t been entirely forthcoming.

Chez DiMera: Tony is livid that EJ refuses to pay for Susan’s ransom. EJ follows up saying he had Tripp kidnapped as a defensive measure. Tony thinks he needs to swallow his pride and pay the damned money. He asks him to consider the possibility that Ava cares more about the money than Tripp.

EJ leaves a message for Ava just as she arrives. They immediately go toe to toe and realize they’re at a standstill. EJ looks slightly nervous and Ava pounces saying he’s met his match and it scares him. EJ drips with disdain when he says they aren’t on the same level and calls her trash. Ava quickly tells him to watch his mouth or she’ll order a bullet in Susan’s brain. With that, EJ physically attacks her as Tony tries to stop him.

The Brady Pub: Xander is fuming that Ava isn’t answering his calls and didn’t have a contingency plan in case EJ didn’t pay Susan’s ransom. He soothes his irritation with a drink at the Brady Pub. He’s somewhat startled when Gwen announces her presence. She’s doing some remote work for The Spectator. Gwen fills him in on Chanel’s arrest for murder. Xander says he’s also gainfully employed and fills her in. Gwen is very quickly skeptical of his new interest in pharmaceuticals. In addition, she just quickly searched for information about the company and came up empty. Why is he lying to her?

Xander says he’s working, but it’s a wee bit illegal (did anyone else see Gwen’s slight smile?). Xander quickly unravels and tells her everything about working for Ava and kidnapping Susan. Gwen immediately recalls that Ava approached her about revenge on EJ while she was recovering from being run down on Old Decatur Road by Jennifer Rose. Just then, Sarah enters and they quickly explain how their meeting was coincidental. After some tense small talk, Sarah gets a call from the hospital and heads out to respond. Gwen assures Xander his secret(s) are safe with her.

University Hospital: Sarah confirms Jada’s bloodwork indicates she is actually pregnant - despite the birth control precautions she and Eric took. Before Sarah exits, she says she’ll be happy to run the test again. Jada quickly tells Eric she saw him kissing Nicole - right before she fainted and discovered she was pregnant. She urges him to admit he wants to be with Nicole. Eric says he tried to move on with his life, but his feelings for Nicole were too strong - he tried, but he’s sorry. Jada immediately throws him out of her room.

Rafe wonders what happened in the last few hours that changed Nicole’s mind about their marriage. She admits she “loved” him when they got married. Rafe is having none of her foolishness and wants to know the truth. (Extra Crispy Rafe is already more entertaining than the original recipe.)

When she tries to explain, he loses his cool. Her pity is neither desired nor required. Rafe demands to know if she wanted to be with Eric when they got married. Her silence speaks volumes.

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Nicole explains she wanted to be married to him when she accepted his proposal, but it was before she knew Eric left the priesthood. Rafe reviews multiple conversations they had where she had opportunities to admit her feelings. He rightfully understands he was a convenient escape for his cheating bride. She explains what happened, but Rafe tells her to walk away - but not before striking out asking when wedding vows have ever meant anything to Nicole. That last comment opened the floodgates and he reviews her marriages to Victor, Lucas, and EJ x 2. He then focuses in on Eric and asks how long she’s been cheating this time.

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-Tony pulls EJ from Ava as he continues to hurl threats. EJ demands Ava leave of his presence. Ava agrees, but tells him she’s running out of patience. If EJ takes too long, she’ll send him a lock of Susan’s hair as a keepsake. Ava exits and EJ hurls barware in her direction. Tony doubles down, urging EJ to pay off Ava before something irreversible happens.

-Steve tries to dissuade Kayla from going to Seattle. She pushes back by reminding him how she saved the day in Hong Kong when Steve got him self brainwashed. She has his back and Steve should keep his mouth shut.

-Eric is sticking around despite Jada’s insistence that he leave. He wants to talk about the pregnancy, but Jada says she’s made no decisions on what she will do. Also, it’s not his problem. He doubles down saying they should make decisions together. Jada isn’t up for making decisions and wants him gone. He exits leaving her up in her feelings.

-Nicole returns her wedding ring as she never should have accepted it to begin with. Nicole turns before exiting. She watches Rafe deal with his feelings whilst fingering the returned ring. Before Rafe exits, he leaves the ring on the table. (Where’s Xander? He could use the cash!)

-Eric enters the lobby to find Nicole waiting on him. They embrace and she tells him how awful the scene was with Rafe (little do you know, Nicole…). She asks about Jada and Eric informs her that she is pregnant.

-Steve and Kayla agree to temporarily keep Stephanie and Joey in the dark before they head to Seattle.

-Sarah returns and joins Xander - while Gwen listens in from the bar. Sarah wants to go to Julie’s Place for dinner so they can recap their days and possibly discuss a new living situation. As leave, Gwen tells Xander to call her if she wants to talk. When Sarah questions why they would talk, Gwen makes up how she agreed to write a story about the pharmaceutical start-up that he made up. With that, they exit. 

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