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The Young and the Restless Recap: The Trifecta of Evil Pushes Diane to Her Limits

The Young and the Restless Recap for November 14, 2022
Diane Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

Susan Walters

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

The Trifecta of Evil: Phyllis and Nikki want to know why Ashley has called them to a meeting. She says that Tucker told her Diane was committing crimes in Los Angeles. Of course, Phyllis and Nikki are thrilled with this information. Ashley adds how Diane was “moving cash” for a man named Jeremy Stark who is currently doing time in federal prison (which, I believe, is only half the story). Nikki wonders why Jeremy Stark is a familiar name. Ashley notes that she probably read it in the news as he’s being released from his aforementioned stay in federal prison.

They all now understand what Tucker was holding over Diane’s head, assuming she was engaged in illegal activities to regain her wealth. Phyllis says she’s a climber who will do anything to regain her status (not to be a broken record, but that’s not really true). Nikki and Ashley think this news will finally break Diane’s hold on Jack. Ashley reports that Jack shut Ashley down when she tried to tell him, and told her to back off.

Nikki asks if there is proof of Diane’s criminal activities - maybe Tucker is playing her. Ashley assures them that Tucker’s wrapped around her finger. She suggests maybe they should use Victor’s team of goons. Phyllis immediately counters that Victor’s folks can’t do anything and they have to put the fear of God into Diane.

A Stark Reality: Diane is reading the news about Jeremy Stark at Jabot when Kyle approaches. She looks incredibly distressed and asks if they can talk. Diane is concerned that she’s back at square one based on her misdeeds in Los Angeles. Kyle tries to assure her that they are okay, but she should understand he would rightfully feel guarded. He thinks she’s being unreasonable for trust not to have been shaken.

Diane doesn’t know how long she can live constantly being on trial with her family and maybe she should just go. Kyle thinks his mother is being melodramatic. She tries to get him to put himself in her shoes. What would he do if a legion of enemies were trying to take him down? He seems somewhat confused about what’s happened that’s sent her down a rabbit hole of doom.

Diane (smartly) shows Kyle a picture of Jeremy Stark saying he is the man she’s worried about and who involved her in criminal activity in Los Angeles. Kyle doesn’t seem to get it, but Diane says her worry is that “the evil trifecta” will use this new information against her because of Tucker. She’s freaked out that Jeremy Stark is looking for revenge and “the evil trifecta” will help him.

End of the Road: Devon enters his place to find Amanda’s bags are packed. She thought she would be gone before he returned. Devon thinks Amanda is moving too fast (really?). Amanda can’t see any other resolution and will be resigning from Chancellor-Winters. Devon strangely thinks they can still work things out (again, really?).

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Amanda says she’s taken a minute to breathe and believes him when he says what happened with Abby was in the moment. That said, after the first kiss, they surely had multiple opportunities to stop before fully betraying their partners. Amanda believes he must have true feelings for Abby. He tries to deny it, but she quickly shuts him down. Amanda is taking no blame, but thinks maybe her absence allowed for the development of these feelings. She believes something happened when Devon agreed to father Dominic.

A Crimson Connection? Chance thanks Sharon for a much-welcomed cup of coffee. She joins him and says she understands how time-consuming “the job” is and how she sometimes felt in second place. Sharon doesn’t mean to pry, but she saw a bit of an argument between him and Abby the other night.

Chance doesn’t think Abby actually knows who he is…sometimes he thinks giving up his job would make her happier. Sharon suggests they could make a compromise, but Chance is doubtful. He FINALLY says the truth - Chance doesn’t know if he wants to be the man Abby wants him to be. Sharon follows up saying that some folks always want something that just can’t be provided. Chance very much appreciates her candor (I hope eventually Chance can appreciate other things about Sharon…).

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-Ashley thinks the fact that Jeremy Stark went to prison and Diane didn’t probably means the evidence wasn’t there to convict them both. Ashley thinks, at the very least, Diane will be terrified that Stark is getting out of prison. Nikki suggests they could scare her into believing she’s being targeted and will leave Genoa City. (Maybe I’m on the Island of Unpopular Opinion, but this plan now just feels like trying to push someone into insanity who is actually trying to reform - which is icky.) They all agree it’s time for them to have a heart to heart with Diane.

-Diane pushes Kyle saying the “trifecta of evil” is trying to light a flame that pushes her over the edge. Kyle assure her that he won’t let anyone hurt her. Kyle is somewhat dismayed when Diane tells him that only he knows about her involvement with Jeremy Stark. He doesn’t want to keep secrets from his wife, but Diane doubles down saying that she can’t risk Phyllis finding out. Jack and Summer arrive, and Diane quickly exits. In the hallway, she receives a text from Ashley summoning her to the Abbott mansion.

-Amanda asks Devon to leave so she can finish packing. He asks her to take a few days to think about things. She gets serious and says their relationship is over - they can’t come back from what she walked in on. Devon slowly wanders to the door, looks back at Amanda, and exits.

-Chance arrives home and Abby says she’s only examined their marriage from her point of view since he came back from Spain. She gets teary-eyed as she conveys her hope that they can put what happened with Devon aside (oy…Chance can’t really unsee that). Chance says it’s too late and they can’t work past their issues. He believes she belongs with Devon. He fits all of her ideals and Chance will never be that man. It’s over.

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