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Alley Mills on Playing GH's Heather Webber: "What Shoes to Fill!"

Alley Mills

Alley Mills is having a good time playing psychotic mama bear Heather Webber on General Hospital. Mills was a guest on Soap Opera Digest's podcast, where she opened up about playing the deranged diva. Mills told the magazine about taking over for Robin Mattson:

What shoes to fill!

The former star of The Bold and the Beautiful explained to SOD she wanted to find out why she was playing the role and not Mattson. Once she got the intel, Mills started boning up on the history of Heather to get a better sense of the character. According to Mills:

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[I] just crammed General Hospital … I just had to find out everything I could. [I] had to go back and look at all the crazy, insane tapes of the plots and I saw this amazing scene where Steven Lars [Scott Reeves] is [engaged] to Olivia [Lisa LoCicero] and, of course, that makes Heather insane and she decides to inject Olivia with LSD and Olivia, of course, is wearing a low-cut dress, screaming and writhing as she’s tripping [laughs]! It’s so funny and so good and she’s such a great actress and then I got to work with her [and] I could barely keep a straight face because she’s so good, Lisa LoCicero…. It was so much fun to do this research because Robin has been on the show since she was, you know, a child, and I got to follow all the crazy shenanigans.

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What does Mills think about her current cast members? Mills said:

One of the first people I ran into was Sonny [Maurice Benard], who, by the way, I get to work with. I’m so excited. I have some great stuff with him. These people are so awesome — Carly [Laura Wright] and Maura West [Ava], I’ve told them all, ‘You guys are friggin’ amazing!’ Nina [Cynthia Watros]. I mean, they are such good actors [and] I can say that with my whole heart, how great they are.

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