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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: The Logan Sisters Gather to Support Brooke in Her Hour of Need

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 15, 2022
Heather Tom, Katherine Kelly Lang, Jennifer Gareis

Heather Tom, Katherine Kelly Lang, Jennifer Gareis

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Forrester/Marone Family Drama: Steffy is trying to conduct business when a gleeful Taylor and Ridge almost skip in to show off their engagement ring. Steffy is so happy her parents are engaged the day after he ended things with Brooke. As they celebrate, Donna and Eric walk in and have a little less enthusiastic response to the news. Donna can’t believe the speed at which these changes are happening. Eric briefly questions their decision before congratulating them. Taylor understands how much Eric loves Brooke and how difficult these changes must be for him.

Thomas and a less than enthused Douglas arrive, and are informed about the engagement. (Keep an eye on Donna saying SO much to Eric with her facial expressions.) While they all celebrate, Douglas just looks more and more depressed.

Steffy makes the mistake of asking Douglas his opinion. He’s less than enthused and feels sorry for grandma Brooke. Thomas quickly shuts Douglas down in a children should be seen and not heard kind of way, and shoots a look that says “don’t cause trouble.”

Donna exits so she can go to Brooke and soften the blow of the news. Steffy tries to get Douglas to be as happy as they are. Thomas immediately speaks for his son saying that he’s a Forrester and of course he’s happy. With that, he escorts Douglas out of the room to look at some designs.

Ridge wonders why Eric is so quiet. He says he doesn’t really know what to say. Eric adores Taylor, but he doesn’t really understand. He also reserves the right to worry about Brooke.

Steffy immediately suggests that her parents get married tomorrow (For the LOVE…). Ridge and Taylor immediately agree they don’t want to waste time or allow this very shaky house of cards any time to collapse. Taylor asks Steffy to be her matron of honor.

The Logan Sisters: Katie doesn’t understand why Thomas just showed up at Brooke’s house to throw Taylor and Ridge in her face. Brooke says Thomas’ “mask slipped” and then he went into “poor, misunderstood Thomas mode” (Preach!). He ain’t fooling Brooke as she doesn’t trust him and knows he’s hiding something. Katie doesn’t blame Brooke for her feelings about Thomas, but also acknowledges the impact it’s had on her now annulled marriage.

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Brooke says she still doesn’t understand why Ridge so suddenly ended their marriage. He’s being so vague. Katie thinks something off because Ridge has always been so direct (really? seriously?). Brooke tells her that Ridge sort of implied their marriage ending had something to do with Thomas. Although, this situation doesn’t mean she’s giving up on Ridge (SERIOUSLY???).

Donna arrives and tells them she’s coming from Forrester. Ridge and Taylor announced their engagement.

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-Brooke realizes Ridge asked for an annulment knowing he was going to propose to Taylor. Katie and Donna try to support her in thinking she still has a chance with Ridge (couldn’t one of her supportive sisters knock some sense into Brooke?). Brooke doesn’t understand how Ridge could propose to Taylor so quickly when she still doesn’t understand why he left.

-Taylor is a little disappointed that Eric wasn’t brimming with excitement. Thomas reminds her Eric has always had a soft spot (soft?) for Brooke. Ridge says he’s very lucky to be with a woman who will always be honest with him, while Douglas sits in the background throwing shade with his eyes.

-Ridge asks Thomas to be his best man and the foursome is happy as pigs in mud. Taylor is also thrilled because Douglas gets to be a part of the festivities. (Dear Soap Jesus, please let that little boy cause destruction and devastation!) Thomas is so thankful that Douglas is actually able to see what true love looks like (STOP!).

-Thomas sits next to Douglas imposing emotional blackmail by saying how happy everyone is, and he should never say anything about the app on his phone.

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