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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chanel Confesses Everything About Her London Life to Allie

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 16, 2022
Raven Bowens

Raven Bowens

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Jakarta: Wendy and Johnny arrive in their hotel room. Johnny's excited about making a movie, but Wendy sets him straight on why they're in Jakarta. She's worried about finding out the truth and wonders if she really wants to know. Johnny assures her if Li did anything, he did it out of love.

Johnny comes from the shower dripping wet in towel. Wendy asks him to get dressed, which of course make him think he must be too distracting. He runs a theory past her and she agrees it's a good starting point. Wendy gets her computer out and runs down the DiMera properties. She finds one with enough power to keep a lab in working order. The two try to work out a plan to get proof before they head out to the lab.

DiMera Enterprises: Gabi enters and tells Stefan she wants Gabi Chic back in her hands. She says DiMera doesn't need it since they have Basic Black. Stefan says no and tells her to leave. Li walks in as Stefan blocks an incoming slap.

Gabi tells Li why she's upset with Stefan. Li says he'll talk to EJ about it and see if they can work it out. Stefan taunts Li about being caught between work and romance.

Li wants to know where Wendy is working remotely from. Li heads out to find Wendy. Gabi says she'll gather the paperwork for the transfer, while waiting for him at DiMera. Gabi loudly works and talks on the phone to annoy Stefan...and it works.

Allie and Chanel's: After a couple minutes, Stephanie breaks up her kiss with Alex. She doesn't think it's wise to traumatize Henry. Stephanie admits her last boyfriend came on strong, then ghosted her. She didn't want to go down the same path with Alex. Alex talks about how Anjelica taught him how bitter love can be, and if you don't fall in love you don't get hurt.

Li comes by and Alex tells him that Wendy’s out of town. Alex doesn't know where she went. In the hallway alone, Li makes an urgent call to find Wendy.

Salem PD: Chanel admits to Allie she killed someone. She claims she's lived with it for years and now everyone will know. Allie assures Chanel she will still love her no matter what. Chanel decides to come clean.

Chanel was a senior at uni in London and having an affair with her English professor, Nathan. Poor Chanel was struggling to pass and would see him after class for tutoring. He was caring and helpful. Nathan took her up to the rooftop to show her where some Dickens locales could be seen. Their kiss led to a magical affair full of sex, literature, and conversation.

Chanel stops when Allie points out that Nathan used his position of power against her. Allie tells her to continue. Chanel's young heart was sure they'd be together forever because Nathan had a loveless, cold marriage. She got a text to meet him on the rooftop, but it was his wife Martha who appeared. Chanel says Martha called her every dirty name in the book, then slapped her. Chanel tried to explain, but Martha got mad and charged at Chanel, who tried to push her away. They didn't realize how close to the edge they were until it was too late.

The campus police eventually came up to the rooftop and took her for questioning. She was so confused and shocked, she just blurted out about her affair and admitted she pushed Martha off her. Allie wonders how they kept it all so quiet even, though Chanel signed a confession. Chanel explains Paulina's role in making everything disappear.

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Campaign HQ: Sloan tells Paulina she's the mystery client and she's seeking revenge. Paulina asks the first best question...who are you really? Sloan says the murder was very personal to her. Paulina realizes she's facing Nathan and Martha's daughter. Sloan says she was told that Martha took her own life, which was verified by Nathan after he asked for a divorce.

Sloan explains how Nathan turned to alcohol and Paulina says she's aware that he died a couple of years ago. Nathan made a deathbed confession that Martha didn't take her own life and Sloan decided to investigate. 

Paulina wants to know if Sloan wants the truth. She admits Chanel pushed her away, but it was defensive. Paulina says Chanel was lured up to the roof and attacked. Sloan read all the reports. If Chanel was protecting herself, why the big cover-up? She accuses Chanel of seducing her father and killing her mother, and Paulina of using lots of money to cover it all up. Sloan explains how she plotted her revenge over the past year whilst waiting for the right moment to strike.

Paulina tells Sloan there may be another side to the story, but she took the low road by turning her father's lies onto Chanel and using blackmail. Paulina uses a metaphor that Sloan is like her mother by luring her to a space and attacking her. Paulina reminds Sloan she's like Chanel, both push back when pushed and Sloan better think about where she might land.

Horton House: Chad leaves a voicemail for Stephanie that Gwen has the file, but thinks they should meet and come up with another plan. Kate comes by to catch up with Chad about her health, his job, and Stephanie.

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-Allie tells Chanel she acted in self defense. When Chanel takes blame, Allie brings up Nathan's abuse of power. Chanel says she has to face the consequences.

-Paulina stands her ground and declares Chanel will not go to prison. Sloan says they will both pay and storms out.

-Stephanie gets Chad's message and tells Alex she has to leave. Stephanie agrees to another date.

-Kate encourages Chad not to wait if he wants a crack at Stephanie.

-Stefan kicks Gabi out of the office and grabs her. They two have a stare down moment.

-Li gets a call that Wendy logged in from Jakarta.

-Wendy gets wired up as she and Johnny prepare to head out.

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