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Days of Our Lives Recap: Paulina and Sloan Have it OUT Over Chanel’s Arrest

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 15, 2022
Jackée Harry

Jackée Harry

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

PR Nightmare: Stephanie is fielding calls from reporters asking for Paulina’s response to Chanel’s arrest. Chad arrives and shows her a vicious story in The Intruder. Stephanie decides they should focus on spinning the story. They decide to turn the tables on Melinda by saying this is a vendetta against Paulina and her daughters. Chad says he has an in with The Spectator and he knows their new reporter, Gwen.

Rookie Reporting: Gwen is dismayed to find Sweet Bits closed. She’s trying to do a cover story on Chanel’s arrest, but can’t get comment from anyone. Sonny arrives in Horton Square and Gwen approaches him for comment about his sister-in-law’s knowledge of Chanel’s charges. Sonny gets annoyed and exits quickly.

Sloan walks up next and offers to answer all of Gwen’s questions. Gwen is skeptical as she has zero trust for Sloan. She wonders what the state bar would think about her underhanded tactics during the investigation into Abigail’s murder. Sloan quickly puts her lawyer hat on and explains it all away. Sloan goes back to the topic at hand and tells Gwen she gave the evidence about Chanel to the police. Gwen refuses to believe her, but Sloan doubles down saying she will send her the file and exits.

Chez ChAllie: Allie leaves a message for Rafe because she can't see Chanel. Alex arrives to be a shoulder for Allie to lean on. Henry’s been asking where Chanel is and Allie doesn’t know what to tell him. She doesn’t understand how the police gathered all the evidence. Alex pipes up knowing exactly where they got it - Sloan. He explains how she’s blackmailed Paulina even though he stole the file from her apartment. Alex feels guilty for his role in all of this and wants to support Allie anyway she can. Just then, Allie gets a text from Rafe saying she can visit Chanel. Alex agrees to stay with Henry.

Alex is playing with Henry when Stephanie arrives. She’s there to see Allie, but seeing him is an unexpected surprise. Stephanie stays when she realizes Alex is alone with Henry. They put on a puppet show, that is more like flirting, for a very confused Henry.

Price Headquarters: Paulina is furious and is demanding that Belle allow her to see Chanel. Belle urges her to stay away and avoid the press. Leo arrives with Paulina’s schedule and a bunch of treats when she tells him he’s fired. He doesn’t understand as he just helped her handle the press. Paulina says Leo is the reason Chanel was arrested. Leo explains about giving Sloan the money, but didn’t even know the papers were there - much less that she would snatch them.

Paulina appears to soften, but is still pissed that he opened the safe. Leo says he can relate to Chanel as he too has been falsely accused. Just then, Sloan enters saying Chanel is actually guilty. Leo says he will tell the police he saw Sloan steal the file. Paulina is annoyed and tells Leo to get out. He makes a scene and exits.

Sloan says Paulina lied about Lani killing T.R., and now she’s covering up for Chanel. It’s only a matter of time before her lies catch up with her. Paulina doesn’t understand why Sloan would lose her client’s monetary leverage by giving Melinda the evidence. Sloan says it was never about the money.

Salem PD: Melinda walks into the interrogation room and asks Chanel if she’s ready to confess. Belle enters the room and can’t believe Melinda is questioning Chanel without her present. She’s reviewed the evidence and insists Melinda drop all the charges.

Belle says Melinda doesn’t have jurisdiction as the crime in question happened overseas. Melinda stops her and says Scotland Yard gave her permission to question Chanel. Belle says Chanel won’t be talking until after the arraignment.

Melinda agrees and asks if Shawn Douglas is around to haul Paulina in for questioning. She explains that Paulina is an accomplice after the fact. Before she can drag Paulina in, Chanel agrees to answer questions.

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Melinda puts a photo in front of Chanel and she identifies her as Martha Bedford. She pulls out another photo that Chanel agrees is her followed by a sworn statement she signed. Before Chanel can answer, Melinda asked if this statement confirms she murdered Ms. Bedford. With that, Belle shuts down the interview. Melinda asks to see Belle outside.

Melinda threatens to pull Paulina in for questioning again. As Belle is calling her bluff, Allie arrives demanding to see Chanel. She has a letter from Commissioner Hernandez, who Belle reminds her reports to Mayor Carver.

Alice Horton’s Living Room: Gwen is making herself at home when she gets the file from Sloan. As she’s reading it, Chad arrives pitching his spin story. He tries, but she’s too busy consuming Sloan’s email. She says her story will be about the Governor Elect’s cover up of her daughter’s crimes because she has the evidence file in her possession.

When Chad asks, Gwen says a reporter never reveals her sources (a reporter?). She quickly abandons her “reporter’s oath” and sells out Sloan. Chad begs her not to write the story and pulls the “Jack” card. Jack would never approve this one-sided story. If Gwen is trying to be a better person, she should start with being an ethical reporter.

Breakfast Buddies: Sonny walks into the Brady Pub and finds a very despondent Leo in need of some comfort. Sonny tries to get out of it by saying he is shopping for Arianna Grace’s Christmas gifts. Leo says he wishes he had a good daddy by his side to buy him presents (Giggle!). Sonny reluctantly agrees to sit for a few minutes. Leo explains that he just got fired. Sonny seems to be on Leo’s side and thinks maybe he should give Paulina some time. (Broken Record: I love Leo calling Sonny, “Jackson”.) Sonny looks on the bright side saying Leo wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. It was genuinely an accident.

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-Leo is frustrated he blew an incredible opportunity. To Leo’s surprise, Sonny seems genuinely sorry. Sonny asks if he’s had breakfast and invites him into the pub to break bread. They sort of agree they are sort of friends before heading in for grub.

-With Henry tired out, Stephanie discusses their date the night before that didn’t end the way a good date should. They think maybe they should kiss.

-Gwen agrees to go with Chad’s spin story and not publish the file, but she will continue to investigate it. Gwen tells Chad she hopes the evidence against Chanel isn’t accurate so she can write a story trashing Sloan and Melinda.

-Sloan tells Paulina her blackmail was always about payback. Paulina demands to know who her client is. Sloan admits to being the person behind everything.

-Belle wants to know why Melinda lets her personal feelings prejudice her. Melinda is FURIOUS because she has incontrovertible evidence that Chanel is guilty. Belle scoffs at such a claim. Melinda days that Chanel and Paulina are going down.

-Allie and Chanel embrace. Allie says she knows that Chanel could never kill anyone. Chanel immediately apologizes saying she did, in fact, kill someone. 

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