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Perkie's Observations: Liz Finds Out Esme is Carrying Nikolas’ Child on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 15, 2022
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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

On today’s General Hospital recap: Sonny introduces Nina and Brick before Nina is called away to deal with the hotel business. Brick says Sonny looks happy, but is certain that Michael's not happy with things. Brick asks about Dex and Sonny says he's been loyal.

Leo complains to Drew that he and Michael are mad at Ned and wants them to make up. Drew explains that sometimes families have disagreements, but things will get better.

Michael wants to partner with the hospital to have a donor drive to register people for bone marrow testing. Willow agrees it's a good idea, but doesn't want anyone to know that she's sick. Michael thinks it might be a good idea to find her biological family. 

Willow says Harmony was a member of the Friends of Peace and Love commune and figures that's the best place to start. Michael and Willow tell Drew about the donor drive and how they want to find Willow's birth parents. Willow points out Harmony was not always truthful. Drew has two memories, one of Carly telling him about Nina possibly being Willow's mother and the second of Carly denying it.

Josslyn is leaving as Carly arrives at the dorm room. Josslyn brings her in to see Dex who is feverish and in bed. Josslyn explains she couldn't' take him to the hospital. Carly checks the wound, decides it's infected, and agrees Dex needs antibiotics. Carly chastises Josslyn for lying about where she was. She tells her Esme is in town and attacked Liz. Carly calls Brick to help her out. Josslyn tells Dex he'll be getting antibiotics and in his feverish state, he waxes poetic about her.

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Finn accuses Jeff of having an affair with Reiko and punches him in the face. Jeff says Reiko was lonely and overwhelmed. He says he's worried about Liz, but Finn accuses him of mistreating her. Jeff swears he never meant to hurt her, but Finn yells that Liz has been suffering.

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Liz shows up at Wyndemere and accuses Nikolas of leaving her lying on the pier. Nikolas says he went after Esme, but she got away. Nikolas says he heard sirens and figured Liz would be taken care of. Liz insists on knowing where Esme is and whether Nikolas killed her. He swears she's fine and couldn’t hurt anyone. Liz pushes, so he takes her to the north wing.

Esme talks to her baby about Ryan and how she knows he's a dangerous man. However, he's the only father she has. She wonders what Ryan would do in this situation. She's happy to see Liz, who is shocked to see Esme is pregnant. Esme claims Nikolas is trying to kill her, but he tells Liz that Esme is the hooker, which she denies. Liz tells Nikolas he needs to call the police and have them take Esme in, but he says she can't go to prison. Liz thinks it's because of the "grand" baby, then realizes Nikolas is the father and not Spencer. Liz gets a text and heads out.

Liz heads to the hospital to interrupt Jeff and Finn's argument.

Nina rejoins Sonny and tells him that she had another run-in with Michael and Willow. Sonny tells her that he wants her to stay away from them.

Carly meets with Brick at the hotel to pick up the antibiotics for Dex. Nina spots them going into the hotel room together.

Leo finds Dex's phone by Michael and Willow's cottage. 

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