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The Young and the Restless Recap: Abby and Devon Face The Consequences of Their Adulterous Actions

The Young and the Restless Recap for November 15, 2022
Melissa Ordway

Melissa Ordway

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Marital Woes: Abby is desperately trying to convince Chance to stay in their marriage. She says her sex with Devon was a momentary mistake. He is certain it means much more, and they aren’t working anymore.

Abby doubles down saying she was upset when she got nekkid with Devon, and it wasn’t some suppressed love. Chance admits his own fault in the situation, saying he purposely stayed away to avoid difficult conversations. He thinks he is just as much to blame as she is. Chance says he thinks it’s better if they make a clean break. She can’t believe he’s just going to walk out on their marriage and their son.

Chance assures Abby that he wants to be a part of Dominic’s life as he is his father… well, one of his fathers. Abby begs him to show her some emotion so she knows he cares. Chance says he’s willing to do a lot of things, but comforting her is not one of them. (I love Chance.)

Pack of Hyenas: Diane is greeted by Ashley at the Abbott mansion. She finds Phyllis and Nikki are awaiting her arrival - who Diane refers to as a pack of hyenas. They want to speak with her about Jeremy Stark and the illegal jobs she did for him. Diane thinks they are being ridiculous and says they went out on a few dates, but did no illegal work for him. She thinks they are all gullible because they must have learned this misinformation from Tucker. Diane reminds them she doesn’t scare easily.

Diane thinks if they had actual proof the hyenas would have told someone rather than simply “warning” her. She encourages them to do whatever they need to do. Phyllis says they don’t need to do anything and will let Jeremy Stark do their dirty work for them. Diane thinks their lives must be pathetic because they are so focused on hers.

They all think Diane hasn’t changed and it’s only a matter of time before she comes after them. Diane questions why they would push her like this if they know what she’s capable of and think she hasn’t changed (good point). Diane wonders how they can be so judgmental when they’ve all done horrible things. Phyllis admits to doing regrettable things, but THEY WERE ALL BECAUSE OF DIANE. (Paul, Cricket, Sharon, etc would like to enter the chat.) Nikki then pipes up that ALL OF THEIR REGRETTABLE ACTS WERE BECAUSE OF DIANE (Am I watching a different show? What in the actual…).

Diane catches her breath and acknowledges the obvious double standard that they get to be forgiven, but she cannot. She says that it would be easier for her to leave town, but she will not leave her relationship with Kyle. Phyllis says eventually they’ll find proof and ruin her relationship with Kyle. Diane narrows her eyes and warns Phyllis to leave Kyle alone. She reminds them that she is better than the three of them put together when it comes to playing dirty, so they should BACK OFF and leave her alone (I do believe that was a f*** around and find out speech). With that, she exits and the trifecta of evil clearly thinks they won (but did they?).

Chancellor-Winters Drama: Lily stumbles upon Amanda’s letter of resignation. She reads it aloud not believing what she’s seeing. As she reads, we also see Devon grieving Amanda’s exit. Lily immediately picks up the phone and calls her brother, wanting to know what the hell is happening.

Devon arrives and Lily immediately starts pelting him with questions. He says he had no idea that Amanda would move so quickly. Lily follows up asking if Imani is also quitting. (Why isn’t Imani on our screens?) Lily states the obvious by saying the timing couldn’t be any worse. Lily rants as Devon stands silent. She apologizes, saying she’s focusing too much on business and should ask about his personal feelings about Amanda’s exit.

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Devon says he asked her not to leave, but won’t actually reveal anything that actually happened. Lily calls him out asking what actually happened. He only says that he won’t stand in the way of Amanda returning to her family. Lily tries to be supportive by telling him to go to Virginia. Devon, living in an alternate universe, says it might be time for him to consider parting ways (as if you had a choice). Lily finally realizes something bigger is happening and says he can tell her whenever the time is right.

J.T.’s Former Burial Ground: Devon arrives in the park, flashing back to his unplanned romp with Abby, when Chance arrives. Devon unintentionally parrots Abby’s words saying their tryst wasn’t planned. Chance thinks these feelings have probably been bubbling since before he came back from Spain (and the dead).

That said, actions are actions and they had choices to stop what they were doing at any time - now they have to live with the consequences. Devon agrees and knows he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, but he hopes they can work through everything without it impacting Dominic. Chance shuts him down as it’s not the time. Devon decides it’s the time to talk about Abby and hopes Chance can move forward with their marriage (leave it alone, sir!). Chance rightfully says whatever they decide is none of his business and exits.

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-Phyllis is gleeful the real Diane revealed herself. Nikki thinks she’s sweating bullets and they all agree she’s close to breaking - which means they need to keep pushing.

-Tucker has no time for Diane being upset since she went back on their deal. Diane warns him not to cross her. Tucker says his main priority is to make Ashley happy and Diane’s exit seems to check that box. Diane says Ashley wants to tell Jeremy Stark she turned him in. Tucker is kind of tickled at all this and thinks she should exit. Diane quickly tells Tucker he shouldn’t underestimate her and exits. Tucker calls Ashley yet again wanting to update her on the latest events with Diane. He’s counting on her to be predictable.

-Diane show us up at Jabot looking for Jack. When she sees he’s out, she texts asking to see him. 

-Ashley listens to her voicemail and reports to Phyllis and Ashley what Tucker said. Phyllis encourages her to continue doing whatever it is that Tucker finds enticing. They snipe at each other before getting back to the business of Jeremy Stark. Just then, Ashley gets a text from Abby saying she needs her.

-Abby is in this bastardized Chancellor living room looking pale and tragic.

-Chance is at Society nursing a beer and contemplating the state of his life.