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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Eric Questions Ridge’s Sudden Shift From Brooke to Taylor

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 16, 2022
John McCook

John McCook

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Forrester Creations: Carter, Justin, and Ridge discuss Ridge’s whiplash engagement and upcoming wedding to Taylor. Carter thinks Ridge is as happy as he’s ever seen him, but also knows he still loves Brooke. Ridge can’t deny his love for Brooke, so Carter asks what changed. (Cue the flashback of the call to CPS.)

Ridge turns on Carter asking what he’s trying to prove with this line of discussion. Justin backs Carter up saying it seems like he is actually conflicted. Carter doubles down and asks if he will actually go through with the wedding to Taylor…just as Brooke arrives. With that, Carter and Justin exit.

Brooke asks if he’s actually going to marry Taylor. Ridge thinks he should go to the engagement/rehearsal dinner party. Brooke asks him not to run from her and wonders if the annulment was about his desire to be with Taylor.

They go round and round with Brooke begging for answers and Ridge being angry because she should know why he’s upset (OMG!). Brooke asks if he is really marrying Taylor and RIDGE CANNOT EVEN ANSWER THAT QUESTION!! (These discussions are maddening!)

Carter sneaks into Katie’s office, freaked out that Brooke overheard his conversation with Ridge. Katie reassures him the only person who owes Brooke an apology is Ridge. (I truly hope Katie burned that red string of a ring.) Carter doesn’t understand his quick switch to Taylor. They both acknowledge how clear it is that Ridge still loves Brooke.

Forrester Mansion: Donna and Eric are discussing how Ridge is never going to stop loving Brooke despite his engagement to Taylor. Donna wants to be supportive of Eric’s family, but asks him to be understanding of her position. Eric completely understands and wishes her luck when she goes to Brooke’s later in the day. Donna apologizes saying she won’t be able to attend the wedding. That said, she’ll miss her honey bear in his fancy suit. She exits, but not before encountering Taylor and her brood on the way in.

Eric informs Taylor and company that Donna won’t be attending the wedding. Steffy thinks it’s for the best as nothing will be getting in the way of Taylor and Ridge’s happiness. Cut to Douglas sitting alone and despondent in his room.

Thomas enters asking if Douglas is dressed for the engagement/wedding celebration downstairs. He says he’s not going. Douglas doesn’t want to lie to everyone downstairs about the real reason everyone downstairs is actually happy.

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Eric notices some folks are missing. Ridge is still at work and Zende is out of town. Steffy notes that Douglas must still be getting ready upstairs. Taylor agrees saying Douglas always wants to make his family proud.

Cue Thomas trying to convince Douglas to lie to his entire family. He tries to convince Douglas that grandma Brooke has been trying to keep their family apart for years, not that he’s trying to disparage her name.

Thomas clearly convinced Douglas to get dressed and they stand at the top of the stairs, ready to enter the family gathering. Thomas urges him to put a smile on his face before they enter. No one seems to notice that Douglas is actually miserable. Steffy and Thomas question where Ridge is, just as he arrives. He promises to be on time for tomorrow’s wedding.

Thomas wants to give a toast he’s been waiting for his entire life. He shoots a look at Douglas asking the room if anyone can imagine waiting their entire life for something that finally came true. (The emotional blackmail and future therapy bills continue to build.) Thomas says the enduring love between Taylor and Ridge is something that needs to be protected - and shoots another look at Douglas. (Thomas should be careful…his desperation is beginning to be blatantly obvious, even to those who would rather not notice.)

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-Katie and Donna check on Brooke. She explains that Ridge said he loved her and then walked out to his wedding rehearsal. Nothing she said mattered. The sisters Logan are just as confused as they should be. Katie and Donna offer to spend the night with her. She appreciates their concern, but tells them she’s okay. Brooke can’t understand why she and Ridge suddenly can’t communicate. She thought they had an unbreakable bond. Cue the flashback to destiny’s recent past.

Eric acknowledges how obvious the love is between Ridge and Taylor. At the same time, he would LOVE to hear from Ridge so he can understand how it all took place. Douglas is suddenly VERY ATTENTIVE to what is going on. Ridge gets VERY defensive and asks Eric why he wants an explanation. None of this was quick. (Sir, you went from married to annulled to engaged to a rehearsal dinner in 24 hours.)

Ridge decides to tell everyone the truth - as Thomas disappears and Douglas settles in for the ride. After a big build up, Ridge tells everyone that Brooke called CPS on Thomas. Douglas stares DAGGERS at his lying ass father. Ridge apologizes to Douglas for saying these things in front of him (if you only knew). Thomas thinks his son should retire to his bedroom, but Douglas answers with a firm “no.” Eric rightfully declares that Brooke would never betray their family by calling CPS. Ridge counters by saying he heard the call (betraying the guy Thomas clearly hired to play a CPS worker). (Use your words, Douglas!)

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