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Perkie’s Observations: Carly Reluctantly Steps in to Help Josslyn With Dex on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 16, 2022
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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

On today’s General Hospital recap: On today’s General Hospital recap: Drew offers to help find Willow's biological family and thinks they can talk to Harmony's commune friends. However, Willow thinks that's a dead end. Drew thinks someone will know something and he's certain he can get the information. Drew says he understands the urgency to find out who she belongs to and will use all the resources he has. Willow says she'll understand if he hits a brick wall.

Leo shows Michael the phone he found and Michael notices the phone is dead. He goes in search of a charger to find out who the phone belongs to. Michael notices the new phone has an incoming email from Sonny and figures out it belongs to Dex, and wonders why it’s here.

Nikolas tells Esme to pack her things because he's taking her somewhere no one will find her. The two argue back and forth until Nikolas puts his foot down. As he's leaving, Esme doubles over claiming something's wrong with the baby. Nikolas doesn't believe her though Demetrius seems concerned. Nikolas calls Liz, but she ignores the calls since she's dealing with her own ish.

Liz breaks up Finn and Jeff, then tells her father to leave. Jeff apologizes to Finn for what he did to Reiko. Liz questions why her father showed up and says he doesn't get to be her dad after walking out 25 years ago. Jeff agrees her parents made their mistakes, but swears they made the right choices for her. Liz says she doesn't know them anymore. She's not the same child he sent away. Jeff says he loves her and wishes she would give him a chance.

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Liz tells Finn that Jeff won't be bothering them anymore. She explains about her clash with Esme on the pier. Liz wonders if Finn feels he can't be with her because of her role in Reiko's death. Liz finally picks up Nikolas' calls and heads out to Wyndemere.

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Nina tells Sonny she saw Carly go into Brick's room, but reassures him there is a simple explanation. Sonny tells her to let it go and enjoy the evening . Nina pushes to see if it bothers him that Carly might be dating someone he knows, but he disagrees.

Brick returns and Sonny questions him, but Brick swears nothing inappropriate happened. Sonny wants to know why Brick was meeting with Carly, but Brick refuses to tell him. Brick says his allegiance is with Sonny, but he promised to help Carly with no questions asked. After Brick leaves, Sonny tells Nina that Brick and Carly aren't having an affair and he believes him.

Josslyn finds a thermometer from 2002 and shoves it in Dex's mouth. (I mean, seriously, who owns an under the tongue thermometer these days? I mean, I do, because I'm old, but I also have a digital forehead one.) Josslyn lists all the bad things Sonny has done to Dex and wonders why he's been risking so much for his boss. Josslyn tells Dex his fever has reached 104 and he'll need to go to the hospital.

Carly returns with the antibiotics and reassures Josslyn that the fever should break by morning. Carly chastises Josslyn once again about taking risks for Dex, but she swears she'll get rid of him as soon as he's feeling better.

Josslyn says they've become friends and bonded over saving Ava's life. Josslyn asks about Esme. Carly says she's not the only threat to Josslyn and she needs to be guarded. Josslyn says she needs to see this through and promises not to let anyone in her room.

When Liz gets to Wyndemere, Nikolas explains how Esme is in pain, but he doesn't believe her. Liz agrees to check out Esme, but they find her passed out on the floor. 

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