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Perkie's Observations: Laura Questions Holly's Loyalty to Robert and Anna on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 17, 2022
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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

On today’s General Hospital recap: Brad joins Britt for a drink and notices her odd cough, and she gets a little annoyed. Selina interrupts, but Britt's not having it, so Selina leaves them. Brad wonders what's happening between them and Britt admits that Selina is holding something over her. Brad says he knows something is wrong with Britt and offers to listen. Britt denies there is anything wrong.

Sonny stops by to see how Sasha is doing on what would have been Liam's first birthday. Sonny brings up the guardianship. Gladys admits it was a rocky start, but they're working it out.

Sonny takes Sasha aside and asks for the truth regarding Gladys and the guardianship. Sasha admits things were rough at first and Gladys is more hands-on than she wants, but also knows Gladys is just looking out for her.

Gladys approaches Selina, who offers her condolences for Brando. Gladys mentions that because of the guardianship, Sasha's money is now her money. Selina brings up the high stakes poker games. Selina tells Gladys to keep the poker game quiet since it's only for high rollers.

Sam drops by the station with lunch for Dante. The two discuss the case against Anna and how both believe Victor is behind everything. Dante says he knows Anna is innocent, but he is assigned to the case. Dante tells Sam he believes Sonny is involved as well.

Liz checks out Esme and tells Nikolas they need to call an ambulance because she might miscarry. Liz tells Nikolas to get a knife so she can do a c-section without anesthesia, which causes Esme to snap out of her pretense.

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Esme complains to Liz that she's being held captive, but Liz reminds her that since Esme videotaped her son, Liz has zero plucks to give. She says she'd rather Esme give birth in prison, but will let Nikolas make that decision.

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Liz tells Nikolas that Esme should be having prenatal care and asks what his plan is moving forward. Nikolas says he plans on being a single parent and will depend on Liz moving forward. Liz says she needs to prioritize her own life and this mess is all his to deal with.

Nikolas warns Liz not to go to the police and she's not happy with the threat. He says Esme will claim Liz was in on this with him and only wants her to keep silent. Liz questions whether this will make her an accessory to Esme's eventual murder. Nikolas claims he doesn't plan on hurting Esme, despite Liz's reminder of what he tried to do to Hayden.

Nikolas says he's planning on taking Esme to the island and raising the baby on his own. Liz says if he follows this plan, he's no better than Esme, but Nikolas says there is no alternative. Liz disagrees and tells him to keep Esme here. She volunteers to be her nurse. Alone, Esme continues to talk to the baby, then feels it kick and starts to cry.

Robert is worried about Anna and how she hasn't reached out since the escape. Holly figures Anna has gone underground to get the goods on Victor. Robert mentions that Deputy Mayor Ashby is working for Victor.

Laura joins them and mentions how sad Martin is over losing Lucy. Holly goes off on a tangent that surprises both Robert and Laura. Holly covers, then says she knows Anna didn't shoot Lucy. Laura points out it happened before Holly's return and questions whether she knows anything, which Holly denies.

When Holly leaves the room, Laura points out her little quirks to Robert, and he questions if Holly might be working for Victor. Laura reminds Robert that he saw Holly and Eileen talking, and they both know that Eileen is working for Victor. Laura thinks Holly is struggling with her conscience and deep down Robert knows she's hiding something.

Holly heads down to the pier and has a memory of shooting Lucy, then removing her "Anna" disguise.

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