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Days of Our Lives Recap: Wendy and Johnny's Scheme is Foiled by Dr. Rolf

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 17, 2022
Victoria Grace, Carson Boatman

Victoria Grace, Carson Boatman

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Basic Black: Brady tells Nicole that Alex thought her photoshoot with Eric was so hot, he wants another one. Nicole confides in Brady what happened between her and Eric, and runs down the list of relationships she's blown up. Brady tries to comfort Nicole, but she fills her buddy in on one more fact...Jada's pregnant.

Brady encourages Nicole to reach out to Eric. Brady tells her people co-parent all the time and Eric may stay with Nicole. Nicole says it's Eric they're talking about, then points out how Brady dumped Chloe, who he loves, for Kristen.

Brady Pub: Eric's thoughts about Jada are interrupted by Rafe. He dumps Nicole's laptop on the table and says he will send over the rest of her stuff. Eric tells Rafe that Nicole isn't there and didn't stay with him. Rafe rejects Eric's apology and tells him Nicole's dumping him for Eric.

Eric tells Rafe that Jada's pregnant. Rafe berates Eric for knocking up Jada (he said that) when he had feelings for Nicole. He asks what Eric's going to do. Jada arrives and tells Eric she's leaving. Rafe's watches with amusement when Jada goes off on him for telling her personal medical information to her boss. She's not going to stay somewhere when Eric moves in with Rafe's wife. She wants NOTHING to do with Eric.

Eric claims things are different now that she's pregnant and wants to talk to her. Rafe offers his support to Jada before leaving them alone. Eric tells her to stay in her room since she's paid her through the end of the month. Eric apologizes to her about how things worked out and Jada admits she was in denial about Eric's feelings. Eric says it's her body, her choice in whatever direction she goes, which surprises Jada (and me).

DiMera Enterprises: Gabi and Stefan intently look at each other and declare their mutual hatred for one another. Chloe walks in as Stefan takes his hands off Gabi's arms. Gabi's surprised Chloe's there and even more surprised to find out Li promoted her into DiMera. Gabi wonders how she got a promotion with 16 bad performance reviews. Chloe informs her that Kristen wrote them all and now they're gone.

Gabi gets the proofs from her wedding invitations. Stefan is surprised she's getting married on New Year's Eve. She wonders if Stefan thinks it's too soon as Chloe looks on. Gabi says she was engaged long before he magically rose from the dead. Stefan admits New Year's Eve is special to him because it's the first time he set foot in Salem.

Chloe calmly tells Gabi they need to stop bickering. They've all moved on and it's not necessary to rehash the past. Gabi didn't realize Stefan's moved on with Chloe. Gabi gets snarky with them and leaves. Stefan tries to defend his contempt for Gabi to Chloe, but she's not buying it.

Jakarta: Wendy admits she's nervous about their mission, but won't abort it. Johnny promises to have her back. Li calls Wendy after he finds out she's in Jakarta. Johnny tells her to ignore the call, especially if there's a chance Li's onto them.

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Dr. Rolf's Lab: Li makes a call to Rolf, but his phone's on silent whilst he peers through a microscope. He leaves a voicemail about a possible Wendy appearance.

Rolf opens the door and finds Wendy, whilst Johnny listens via an AirPod. Wendy tells Rolf she's there to check on him for Li. Wendy goes the direct route and lets Rolf know she's aware of him brainwashing Stefan to hate Gabi. Rolf tries to walk around it, but Wendy says Li told her and wonders if Rolf is calling her a liar. Rolf's surprised that Li confided in her. Rolf says he was happy to help.

Johnny then coaches her to turn the tide against EJ. As Wendy moves around the room, her equipment clashes with Rolf's causing sharp feedback in Johnny's ear. Johnny reacts and Rolf asks what it was. He realizes there's electromagnetic interference and scans a very worried Wendy for the source, and finds it.

Rolf gets mad and wonders why she's really there. She yells out the safe word (blackbelt) and Johnny rushes into the lab. Wendy's passed out on the floor with no sign of Rolf.

Horton Square: As Li wraps his voicemail, Kristen appears. Li tells her they have a big problem. Li explains where Wendy is and why he thinks she's in Jakarta. Kristen wonders why Wendy is hellbent on finding Rolf in the first place. Li thinks Wendy suspects what they did to Stefan. They two try to figure out how it started and Li realizes she overheard them at the office. Kristen claims her hands are clean and all the blame will fall on Li. Enter Gabi.

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-Nicole's grateful for Brady's support. She gives him a hug, just as Rafe walks in. He hands off her laptop. He says Jada's pregnancy must throw a wrench into her plans with Eric, but it's clear she's moved on. When Nicole explains they're friends, Rafe scoffs at her. Rafe tells her never to come crawling back to him. (Heaven help me, I'm starting to like Rafe.)

-Chloe's not convinced that Stefan is over Gabi, so he tells her he's going to count the ways. Stefan kisses Chloe.

-Li tells Gabi that Kristen was begging for her job back, but he has to consult with EJ first. Kristen plays along and leaves. Gabi wonders if he's lying to her, then asks about Wendy. Li covers and says she's playing hooky, which makes no sense to Gabi.

-Johnny's attending to Wendy when Rolf jabs Johnny with a needle. He joins his partner in crime on the lab floor.

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