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Perkie's Observations: Holly Tips Off Victor to Anna's Location on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 18, 2022
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Emma Samms

Emma Samms

On today’s General Hospital recap: Spinelli tells Sam that Cody has a juvenile record, but he can't access it.

Maxie's a little suspicious of Austin's constant surgeries and wonders if it's a cover for something else. She believes he's been avoiding her. Hee disagrees and the two share a kiss that Spinelli sees. Austin tells Spinelli he wants to take the kids away for a weekend, but Spinelli thinks Georgie isn't interested. Alone, Maxie chastises Spinelli for allowing Georgie to dislike Austin because he does. Spinelli says he doesn't like Austin and won't force Georgie to do so.

Britt's hungover from her night out with Brad and Cody notices she's more jittery than usual. Britt has excuses. Sam drops by and Cody wants to hear what she has to say about Taub's necklace.

Sam tells them that she got a copy of Taub's will and it had a list of jewelry, which included the necklace. She says it likely now belongs to Cody. Sam says Faison could have bought it from the estate, but hasn't found any record of it.

When Britt leaves, Sam accuses Cody of being after the necklace all along, which is why he wanted Spinelli to match him with her. Cody denies it, but Sam's not having it and says he's raising red flags. Cody says no one is squeaky clean, including Dante. Sam pushes, but Cody refuses to say anything else. Sam tells Spinelli to back off on trying to get into Cody's records.

Austin tells Britt there is a top Huntington's specialist who she can meet with today. Britt's not sure, but Austin tells her not to postpone it and get the answer she needs.

Britt talks to Cody about the necklace. Victor arrives and overhears her mention that Cody will inherit part of the Ice Princess.

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Felicia overhears Whitten telling someone that Anna has allies everywhere and to keep an eye on Valentin.

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Dante notices Mac seems distracted and he admits that Cody isn't his son. Felicia shows up and the two discuss Mac's feelings over not being Cody's father. Felicia says he's allowed to grieve the loss, but Mac wants to move on.

Valentin heads back to the safe house and Anna's thrilled to see him. Valentin tells her how Olivia Jerome has told everyone that Anna is her target if she gets to Pentonville. He wants to get her out of the country and he'll be waiting when she returns. The two make love and he promises to fight for her always.

Laura runs into Victor on the pier to Wyndemere and wants to get away from him. Victor says they share a family. Laura says he tried to destroy that family while she was away, but she's returned to put it back together. Laura accuses Victor of setting up Anna, which he denies.

Holly tells Robert she's worried about Lucy, and Martin's heartache over her disappearance. Robert is certain the'll avenge Lucy and clear Anna. Holly hopes Anna can stay hidden and Robert admits she's safe and sound. He gets a call with the address to the safe house and Holly sneaks a peek at the text with the address. Holly calls Victor to meet. Holly gives Victor the address to the safe house, but he's distracted by another text and takes off.

When Laura gets to the PCPD, Whitten says he hopes he has her support in finding Anna, despite their friendship. He asks about Valentin, but she says she's not close with him. Whitten tells her if Valentin is helping Anna it puts a target on his back and makes it dangerous for Charlotte. Laura is less than amused with Whitten, but he says she should work with him to ensure everyone's safety.

Whitten gets a call and tells Mac and Dante they have a lead on Anna's whereabouts. Whitten, Mac, Dante, and the SWAT team swarm the house, which turns out to be the wrong location

Robert finds Holly and says she needs to explain herself. 

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