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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy is Horrified by Douglas’ Revelation

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 21, 2022
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Whiplash Wedding Preparations: Steffy thinks Taylor looks beautiful and should get married more often. She’s good with this being her last wedding and is thrilled that something she’s looked forward to for so long is finally happening. Thomas arrives upstairs to discuss how beautiful his mother is. Taylor thinks he and Steffy willed this day to happen. She thanks him for all the positive thinking he and Steffy put forward that pushed Taylor and Ridge back together.

Ridge, Steffy, and Eric are discussing the events of the day when she asks about Douglas. He’s upstairs and not feeling well, so Steffy decides to check on him. Eric thinks Ridge may need a good listener. He knows how he feels about both Brooke and Taylor, and wonders if he’s sure about going through with the wedding. Ridge thinks he’s not rushing into anything as they’ve waited a long time to reunite. (Really?) Eric is less than convinced.

Logan Mansion Lunacy: Carter listens in as Bill supports Brooke in her time of need. He thinks Brooke shouldn’t be surprised at all by Ridge’s behavior. It’s who he’s always been. Does she really want to continue to be a part of this merry-go-round? Bill says she needs to be with a man who loves her, like him. Brooke asks the obvious question, “what about Katie?” Bill says he will always appreciate Katie, but Brooke is the love of his life.

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Brooke still thinks Ridge will realize the error of his ways. He’s the man for her - she feels it. Brooke asks that Bill respect their magical time together is now a thing of the past. With that, she strangely leaves Bill alone in her living room and goes upstairs. Just then, Katie arrives and is not surprised to find Bill there. He suddenly changes his tune and says he’s glad to see his beautiful Katie - what in the actual. Bill wonders why Ridge and Taylor should be the only ones to find their way back to each other. He asks Katie to come back to him today. (What in the ever loving whiplash is happening?) Meanwhile, Carter listens on in disbelief.

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Steffy’s Horror: Douglas is sitting alone in his room flashing back to his discovery that daddy Thomas called CPS on himself. Just then, Aunt Steffy arrives asking if he’s okay. Douglas indicates he’s upset and Steffy encourages him to tell her what’s wrong. She thinks he should be happy on such a joyous day for their family. Douglas is worried about Grandma Brooke. Steffy assumes Brooke said something to him. Douglas corrects her and says it’s Thomas who’s the problem. Steffy deduces that Thomas asked him to keep a secret. She thinks he’ll feel better if Douglas tells her the truth…he can trust her.

Douglas tells her about the voice app and the recordings Thomas made. Douglas immediately plays the recording of Brooke seemingly making the call to CPS. Steffy asks some questions and Douglas plays the recording of Thomas saying the same words. The look on Steffy’s face demonstrates her shock and horror as she realizes what Thomas did. She tries to convince herself that Thomas wouldn’t do what she knows he did. Douglas confirms that Thomas made the call so Ridge would leave Brooke and marry Taylor. Steffy is horrified.

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