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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava Uses Susan to Get Paid and Exact Revenge on EJ

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 21, 2022
Tamara Braun

Tamara Braun

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Bonnie’s Rescue: Sarah arrives at the Kiriakis mansion with a gift for Maggie and Victor’s anniversary. Maggie is distracted and distressed because Bonnie appears to be missing. Sarah is confused because Xander told her Bonnie was with Mimi. Maggie reports that Bonnie never went to Chicago. Alex and Justin are at the garden shed looking for her. Sarah shifts topics and wonders about Xander’s whereabouts.

Alex and Justin arrive at the garden shed to find Bonnie tied up, but no Susan. She says the “evilest clown you’ve ever seen” was responsible. She explains she found Susan Banks tied up and then the evil clown arrived to terrorize them. She explains that all of this is about bilking EJ out of millions.

Bonnie and company return to the main house. Maggie brings her some chamomile tea, but Bonnie would rather have a Long Island iced tea - which Alex quickly fetches. Just then, Rafe arrives to get the full story. The only thing telling is the clown had on a blue business suit. Before Rafe can leave, Bonnie says despite the clown mask he wasn’t very clown-like. His build was more like the strong man than a clown.

DiMera Crypt: Charlie Dale is urging Ava to kill Susan. He reminds her that she’s Ava Freakin' Vitali and she needs to make EJ suffer. Susan must die. Ava reminds him about the $30 million payday. Charlie doubles down saying she needs to bring power and fear back to the Vitali name. Ava contends that Susan is insufferable, but innocent. Charlie triples down on Susan’s death.

XanderClown is driving down the road with a very talkative Susan in tow. She thinks he is “rude, rude, rude!” He wants her to button up her mouth so they can ride in silence. Susan doesn’t like silence and wants to talk or she’ll start singing Elvis’ full catalog in chronological order. XanderClown quickly capitulates and starts talking. They find common ground in they both want this kidnapping nightmare over. Xander says he is taking Susan home. (There is something oddly sweet about this interaction).

XanderClown takes Susan to the DiMera crypt. Susan sees Ava and thinks she’s been saved…until Ava explains XanderClown is taking orders from her. Susan thinks she should be ashamed of herself since she stood up to EJ when he was going after Ava and Johnny. Susan is banished to the corner so Ava can eviscerate XanderClown. She explains that Tripp has been rescued, and there’s been a change of plans. She will go meet EJ, and XanderClown will remain and kill Susan. Ava begins to parrot Charlie, saying the only thing that will truly hurt EJ is his mother’s death. When he refuses, Ava tears the mask off Xander so Susan sees his face. With that, Ava heads out to meet EJ and leaves Xander with her gun so he can finish the job.

Susan reminds former XanderClown that he doesn’t have to follow Ava’s order. She promises she won’t tell anyone if he lets her go. He explains that Sarah would never understand the predicament he’s gotten himself into. Xander has no choice but to kill Susan because although she might not tell, Ava likely will.

Nekkid Guilt: A very wet, muscled, and half-nekkid Xander is suddenly back in his ratty hotel room having just attempted to shower away his guilt. He flashes back to Susan asking to say a prayer before she meets her maker. Susan focuses her prayer on asking forgiveness for Xander. When she announces that she’s ready to go, Xander decides he can’t do it. With that, he releases Susan into the wild.

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DiMera Mansion: EJ and Tony revisit their discussion about the situation with Ava. EJ intends to do whatever it takes to get Susan back. The money is in place and EJ grabs his gun so he can deal with Ava. Tony wonders if the gun is necessary, but EJ says he would be a fool to meet with Ava unarmed. He assures Tony the gun is only a precaution.

Tony stares at Stefano’s portrait saying he is once again sitting around waiting for one of his brothers to return. Just then, Rafe arrives wondering where the hell EJ is. Tony explains everything to Rafe, but hopes he understands just what it means to deal with Ava Vitali. 

Airfield Showdown: EJ and Ava arrive at the airfield. Unless Ava gets her money, Susan will get a bullet in her head. EJ officially transfers the money and Ava gets notice. She promises to release her body to him, as Susan is dead. Ava is more than thrilled with the impact of her words. EJ pulls his piece out and points it directly at Ava. Just as EJ is ready to send Ava to the great beyond, Susan arrives and gets between the two of them. EJ’s happiness is quickly sent packing as Ava grabs a startled Susan and holds her at gunpoint. They back away and exit the airfield.

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-Sarah returns to the ratty hotel and tells half-nekkid Xander about Bonnie and Susan’s kidnapping. She says how crazy it is the kidnapper was a clown in a blue suit. Xander apologizes and says he has to tell her something.

-Bonnie is guzzling Alex’s liquid cure for her nerves. Justin wants revenge, but Bonnie is worried about Susan.

-Rafe and company arrive at the airfield to find no one and nothing remains, except Susan’s hat.

-Ava flies down the road while Susan is squealing because she lost her lucky hat. Ava tells her to quiet down or she’s dead.

-EJ is in the car following Ava vowing to rescue his mother and make her pay.

-Charlie whispers in Ava’s ear that it’s only a matter of time before the former race car driver catches her. Susan doesn’t know who the hell she is talking to, but just wants her to keep her eyes on the road. Charlie yells at Ava saying she shouldn’t be the one who is scared. She’s a VITALI, but one who has lost everything - Steve didn’t want her, Rafe didn’t want her, Jake is dead, and Tripp abandoned her. Charlie however, is still with her. They can be together forever and hurt EJ. She knows what she has to do. With that, she jerks the steering wheel and the car runs off the road. 

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