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Perkie’s Observations: Holly Tells Robert She Shot Lucy on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 21, 2022
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Emma Samms, Tristan Rogers

Emma Samms, Tristan Rogers

On today’s General Hospital recap: Dex is feeling better and thanks Josslyn for helping him. He asks for clean clothes so he can leave. Josslyn says he's not physically ready to go anywhere, but he disagrees. Josslyn heads out, returns with a bag of clothes, and helps him get dressed. She says she'll take his old bloody clothes and burn them. Dex realizes she's going to a lot of trouble to help him. He grabs and kisses her before heading out.

Sonny leaves a voicemail for Dex, angry that he hasn't checked in yet. He is also not happy with Brick regarding Carly. What she's into can be a conflict. Brick swears he would tell Sonny if it affected his business.

Carly runs into Drew and tells him that Josslyn knows they're seeing each other. Olivia is surprised to find them together. Brick sends Carly a text, warning her that Sonny is on the warpath. Carly heads over to talk to Sonny while Olivia wonders if Drew's distraction is because of Carly. Drew claims the two are just friends. Olivia understands about the insider trading and promises not to say anything.

Carly tells Sonny it's not his business, but that nothing is happening with Brick. She tells him that she and Drew are dating, but they have to keep it quiet. She asked Brick to cover their digital tracks. Sonny says he's happy for her and Drew isn't a threat to him.

Dex shows up at Sonny's office as Carly is leaving. Carly heads over to tell Josslyn to stay away from Dex since working for Sonny is his top priority. Dex tells Sonny he was shot and lost his phone. He says he recovered away to keep Sonny out of trouble, but Sonny's not convinced. 

Cody wants legal advice from Scotty. He tells him about the necklace and how it belonged to Taub, but ended up with Peter. Cody says it contains jewels from the Ice Princess, and Scotty warns him away from it since it's cursed. Scotty accuses Cody of being more interested in the jewels than Britt.

Robert accuses Holly of working with Victor and demands to know how long it's been going on. Holly admits it, but says she's not doing it by choice and if she tells Robert, there will be a target on his back. Robert insists she tell him everything.

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Holly tells him that two years ago Raj kept her captive in the casino until she managed to call Robert. She says Victor took over and made her watch while he killed her sister Paloma. Robert realizes the body they found in the casino wasn't Holly, but Paloma. Holly says Victor moved her around and kept her locked up until he needed her here.

Holly says Victor needed her help to frame Anna. Robert begs her to say she's not the one who shot Lucy. Holly admits she shot Lucy, but that she isn't dead. Holly says the first shot she fired was a rubber bullet and the second one, a real bullet, she fired into the water, leaving behind the casing.

Holly says she was wearing an Anna disguise and Lucy was taken out of the water immediately by Victor's guards. Robert doesn't understand why Holly didn't go to the police, but she says no one must know that Lucy is alive. Holly says Victor can never know she spilled the beans because he has Ethan and is using him against her.

Victor meets with Holly and tells her that Anna escaped. Holly feigns surprise and Victor says she needs to be on her guard when it comes to Robert. Victor says he has another assignment for her.

Austin offers to stay with Britt for her checkup with the new specialist, Dr. Talone. She tells Britt the issues with swallowing would indicate that Britt is further along in the disease. Dr. Talone thinks symptoms that Britt has ignored for years could have been early onset. Britt admits the tremors show up regularly and she's been irritable. Dr. Talone wants to conduct some tests.

Britt thanks Austin for being there and not treating her differently. She says she knows how her story ends and wants her loved ones to remember her and not the disease. Dr. Talone returns with test results that show Britt is in stage three of Huntington's Disease and her current symptoms will increase. Dr. Talone says most patients live another 5-15 years, but that Britt could need long term care as soon as 18 months.

When alone, Britt gets upset, tears her office apart and cries. Cody shows up. 

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