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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nate and Victoria Enjoy a Late Night at The Office

The Young and the Restless Recap for November 21, 2022
Amelia Heinle

Amelia Heinle

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Crimson Lights: Sharon comes in as Billy and Lily arrive. Billy immediately asks about Chelsea. Sharon hesitates, but Billy says Lily knows everything. Sharon says she’s upstairs with Adam and Connor. Billy hopes Adam doesn’t screw it up… just as Adam enters. Adam says that Connor now knows everything and he’s going to stay with her tonight. Adam assures Billy that Chelsea is able to handle things with Connor on her own and Billy should steer clear.

Lily can’t even imagine how difficult Chelsea’s conversation with Connor was, but is glad it was successful. Billy being Billy doesn’t think they should automatically believe Adam’s account of the situation. Lily and Sharon both think they should take him on his word. Billy wants to check on her, but Sharon and Lily both think he should back down. They decide to go grab dinner, but Billy asks for an update if she hears anything. As they exit, Noah enters.

Sharon tells Noah she’s been helping someone with their mental health issues. The situation has made her wonder how Noah felt when she was dealing with her bipolar disorder (good use of history). Noah says it was probably harder for Faith. He and Nicholas tried to shield her from the manic episodes, but Faith always knew Sharon loved her. Sharon says her greatest fear was that one of her children would inherit her diagnosis (is this foreshadowing?). Noah is clearly distracted. He shifts the conversation and tells her about how he was almost a parent.

Noah explains that Audra had no plan to tell him about the miscarriage, but the current situation pushed her to do so. He keeps thinking “what if?” and feels the loss. Sharon relates, knowing what a miscarriage feels like. (These two have suddenly struck gold.) Mariah kept Sharon in the loop about Audra. Noah apologizes and says Allie is the only one who knows about the whole situation.

Sharon tries to give Noah some peace about the situation, but he reveals he ended things with Audra abruptly. He does not blame Audra for keeping her pregnancy and miscarriage a secret. The night Noah left was the night Audra experienced a miscarriage. (Does anyone else think a little Noah or Audra Jr. exists somewhere?)

Sally walks in and Nicholas is blown away by her look. They decide to hit the town and celebrate life.

Glitter Basement: Sally and Nicholas arrive at Noah’s glitter basement wondering where he is. They kiss just as Adam enters. As they are trying to decide what to drink, a bottle of wine arrives… from Adam. They discuss what to do next and Sally thinks they should stay and have their evening. Nicholas agrees and pours the wine Adam sent.

Newman Media/Enterprises: Nate is in his office asking his assistant (maybe?) for data on their new advertisers - the same material Sally had her highlight. Just then, Elena enters and is very impressed with how he looks behind his new desk. They greet each other warmly and she presents a gift that shows she supports him. Elena wants to celebrate, but Nate has a meeting with Victoria. He tells her to go to Society and order a bottle of champagne - he’ll be along soon. She’s happy to see him happy, and Nate is thrilled to have her support.

Nate arrives in Victoria’s office and wonders if he’s screwed something up. She just wanted to check in with him. Nate surprises Victoria by saying it seems that Sally had all her ducks in a row. She insists that they not dwell on Sally. Nate pushes forward to say that Sally was doing a good job and he’s not sure why he was brought in to take her place.

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Victoria explains that Sally was only put in the position because she was Adam’s girlfriend. Maybe she would have been more likely to keep Sally on had she liked her more. Nate thinks her opinion hits home for him as well. They pour drinks and agree not to dwell on the situation. The conversation shifts to how Nate is going to elevate Newman Media. He’s not quite ready to divulge a plan, but he will say he wants to empower his team to think independently. She encourages him to not think about cost - for now, there are no limits.

Society: Elena finds a distracted Devon having a drink at the bar. She says she is waiting on Nate and maybe they can have a drink when he arrives. Devon says the last thing he would ever want is to drink with a traitor. (Is that your lesson to teach?) Elena thinks he should relax, but Devon says he doesn’t like Nate. Elena thinks Nate has learned his lesson, but Devon thinks he’s only covering his own behind…and Victoria’s. Devon’s words clearly have an impact on Elena. They agree to not discuss Nate any further, leading Elena to ask about Amanda. Devon doesn’t reveal anything and says Amanda has gone back to Virginia. Just as he might have explained, Billy and Lily arrive. They all agree that Nate’s presence will not be necessary at any of their tables. Lily looks forward to catching up with Elena, but not Nate.

Lily is frustrated that Billy didn’t tell her about Chelsea from the outset. Billy says keeping Chelsea’s issues a secret is not a commentary on their relationship. Lily respects his support for Chelsea, but doesn’t understand why he continues to insist on being such a close support - especially now that the truth is out in the open. Just then, Chelsea texts saying Connor is asleep and she wants to talk, but he doesn’t want to leave Lily. She insists that he go and says she understands. Billy says he’ll be back soon, but Lily asks him to not make promises that are impossible to keep. With that, he exits as Elena looks on, prompting her to text Nate about the timing of his arrival.

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-Victoria and Nate are enjoying drinks when Elena texts. He indicates that his meeting is running long, but he will be there soon. Ignoring what he told Elena, Nate pours another drink and continues to listen to Victoria’s history at Newman. He’s sincerely excited to learn from Victoria. She’s happy he’s working for her, but reminds Nate she won’t always agree with him. With that, Victoria remembers Nate should be having dinner with Elena. Nate says he does, but she’ll be fine. (Good grief.)

-Lily joins Devon, who wonders if she wants to talk about Billy. She takes a page from his book and says she would rather not. With that, he drinks up and exits.

-Nicholas signs the tab and Sally says she would LOVE to go out at some point and not run into an ex of either of theirs (good luck). As they leave, Adam asks how they enjoyed the wine. Sally says it was too sweet and Adam responds asking to speak with Sally alone, just for a couple of minutes. She looks at Nicholas and says lets give him two minutes.

-Sally thinks Adam may be tipsy, but he denies it. He didn’t know he was going to see Sally and Nicholas this evening, but now that he has, he’s dying inside. Adam regrets every foolish thing he ever did to drive her away. With that, he proposes marriage.

-Elena has left her table and comes over to chat with Lily. She has decided to give up and go home. Lily seems in a similar situation with Billy having left her behind. As Elena exits, she runs into someone who makes her do a double take. He approaches the bar and Lily looks up. It’s DANIEL! 

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