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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy Confronts Thomas About His Cruel Manipulation

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 22, 2022
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Matthew Atkinson

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Matthew Atkinson

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Forrester Mansion: Douglas is scared what Thomas’ reaction will be when he finds out he snitched. Steffy wants Douglas to relax. She’ll handle Thomas - even though she is still stunned that Thomas would call CPS on himself to manipulate Ridge into leaving Brooke and marrying Taylor. Douglas doubles down saying Thomas admitted what he did and demanded he delete the app. Steffy agrees with Douglas, saying what Thomas did was wrong.

Taylor wishes Ridge had told her about Brooke calling CPS. She’s uneasy that the call is really what prompted him to leave Brooke and propose to her. She shifts gears and tells Thomas how proud she is that he has turned his life around.

Ridge thanks Eric for hosting his wedding to Taylor, although he still thinks Eric doesn’t approve. Eric says he will support Ridge because he knows he loves Taylor, but would support him a bit more if he were marrying Brooke. Eric asks again if he really wants to marry Taylor or is he just upset that Brooke called CPS.

Finn and Li arrive for the festivities with Kelly in tow. Eric reports that Hayes is in the other room with Amelia, leaving Li to congratulate Ridge. She books it upstairs to congratulate Taylor. They both agree it will be a perfect day.

The men gather downstairs and Thomas wonders where Steffy is. Eric says she’s upstairs checking on Douglas. He books it upstairs and enters the room, just in time to find Steffy and Douglas listening to the CPS recordings.

Thomas immediately asks Douglas what he has done. Steffy immediately counters saying, “No, what have YOU done?” She doesn’t understand how he could be so cruel. (Little baby Beth would like to enter the chat.) Also, Douglas shouldn’t be punished for telling the truth. Steffy reiterates that Douglas did the right thing. She takes Douglas’ phone so Thomas doesn’t have the opportunity to delete the files. With that, Douglas heads downstairs.

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Steffy can’t believe that Thomas could be so mean to Douglas, and so manipulative to Brooke and their parents. Steffy tries to leave and Thomas blocks her way, telling her she shouldn’t do a damn thing to upset the day’s planned events. (JMW is doing a great job in these scenes with her facial expressions. She switched very smoothly from anger to slight fear.)

Brooke’s Place: Katie doesn’t understand why Bill doesn’t want Brooke (we are too since he just pledged his love to her less than five minutes ago). Bill doubles down saying he wants Katie back - as a disgusted Carter listens in. Katie reminds Bill how he rushed to Brooke’s side after Aspen. She knows him all too well. She accurately represents what actually happened. Bill appealed to Brooke and was brutally rebuffed. Once again, Katie was second choice. She cares about him and wants him to be happy, but she also wants to be happy. With that, she decides to go check on Brooke.

With Katie gone, Carter enters the chat. He’s furious that Bill had the audacity to proposition Brooke and Katie within five minutes of each other. Katie deserves better. Bill enters sarcastic mode wondering why Carter isn’t off presiding over a wedding. Suddenly, he realizes that Carter has feelings for Katie. Bill warns Carter to steer clear of Katie as she will always be HIS KATIE (that speech sounds very much like the one he gave Wyatt when he and Katie were in that AMAZING pairing). Carter says Katie’s feelings are very much his business - just as Katie is close enough to overhear. With that, he grabs the cufflinks so he can return to officiate the wedding.

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-Carter returns with the cufflinks. As Ridge tries to put them on, Eric asks if he can take a picture. When Ridge reaches down and grabs his phone, he sees a picture of Brooke.

-Brooke stands alone in her bedroom remembering happier wedding days and not understanding how things with Ridge went left.

-Thomas tells Steffy she needs to keep quiet and they will get everything they want. Steffy agrees she wanted their parents together and Brooke gone, but not like this. Thomas reminds Steffy she wasn’t so ethically inclined when she was blocking phone calls and deleting messages. She begs him to tell the truth. If Ridge actually wanted to leave Brooke and marry Taylor, what Thomas did won’t matter. Thomas stands his ground and refuses. Steffy says if he won’t do it and he should try to stop her. It very much looked like Thomas was going to call her bluff when Taylor rushes in wondering what they’re doing. Thomas tries to sweep Taylor out of the room when Steffy tells her not to listen to nor believe him. Despite Thomas’ glaring, Steffy says there is something Thomas did that could change everything.

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