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WATCH: Days of Our Lives' Victoria Grace and Remington Hoffman Dish Shin Siblings (VIDEO)

Victoria Grace, Michael Fairman, Remington Hoffman, Days of Our Lives, Day of DAYS

Victoria Grace, Michael Fairman, Remington Hoffman

At the recent Day of DAYS event, Days of Our Lives stars Victoria Grace (Wendy Shin) and Remington Hoffman (Li Shin) opened up about their characters to Michael Fairman TV. The Shin siblings are currently front-burner in red-hot storylines and are setting Salem ablaze!

Speaking about the show's diverse cast, Hoffman said:

And I think having romantic interests is important, that my character's romantically involved with the beautiful Camila [Banus, Gabi]. That's a really big step I think and like you were saying about Crazy Rich AsiansHenry Golding, he was the first Asian male sex symbol in long time: at least besides maybe Bruce Lee, but Bruce Lee was more known for martial art. And so it's cool to play this more leading character that's in a relationship that's scandalous and exciting.

Grace said of the Shin siblings:

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But when it comes to Wendy and when it comes to Li, what's amazing to me is that they are not stereotypical Asian characters. DAYS has done such a great job of fleshing them out to be 3D human beings. Wendy, she is feisty, she is tough, she is tech-savvy. But she also, when romance ensues, maybe she has a little bit of a vulnerable side to her as well.

Wendy recently teamed up with Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) on an unexpected mission. Grace said:

She thinks Johnny's really interesting and she feels excited by him and he can take her to new places and see new things. And also there's this mystery going on, and she's a very driven, ambitious person. She came there for work, so Johnny kind of sidetracked her completely and that's cool to her. There aren't many people that can do that to her. She has a one-track mind on work, getting that promotion.

Check out the full chat below.