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Days of Our Lives Recap: Rafe and EJ Stand by as Ava and Susan’s Car Explodes

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 22, 2022
Galen Gering, Dan Feuerriegel

Galen Gering, Dan Feuerriegel

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton Square: Chloe tells Stefan she enjoyed their date. Gabi catches them kissing and interrupts to give them a fresh out of the box wedding invitation. Chloe says they may be out of town on New Year's Eve, but Gabi thinks Li would want his newest employee to attend.  

Roach Motel: Xander is troubled by his memories of the kidnapping. When Sarah asks, Xander admits he did something bad. Sarah says she'll support him and he remembers what Susan told him in the crypt. Xander lies and says he quit his job. He says it wasn't the job that was promised. Sarah questions him about ethics and he quickly agrees that was why he quit. They declare their love for each other and have sex.

Salem Inn: Li gets a call from Dr. Rolf, who tells him he got his warning about Wendy, but it was too late. Rolf explains why Wendy visited him. He tells Li that she knows what they did. When Li asks about Wendy, Rolf tells him she's indisposed. Li questions Rolf about what happened and wonders how Johnny's involved.

Rolf says he's working on a robotics project and could use two sets of vocal cords. Li objects to that idea and tells Rolf he has a plan. He wants to make sure Rolf is clear about his instructions, just as Gabi returns. Li explains that Wendy and Johnny commandeered the DiMera jet and went to Indonesia. Gabi wants to know what Li meant by Wendy returning empty-handed. Li lies and says he doesn't want her to waste time shopping and to get home NOW.

On a dark road: Charlie's bugging Ava while Susan sits quietly in the background. Ava argues with her nonexistent son and suddenly veers the car off a cliff. A distraught EJ runs to the edge of the cliff and yells out "MOM!!!" 

Rafe shows up and tries to hold EJ back, and tells him the rescue squad is on the way. Rafe says he'd never get down the cliff. Suddenly, the car explodes, throwing the two men back to the ground. EJ gets away and heads down the cliff, and Rafe follows.

Rafe and EJ are back on the roadside with a fireman. EJ questions him and the fireman says no one could survive that crash (but it's Salem Mr. Fireman!). Rafe tells a shell-shocked EJ he's sorry about what happened. He encourages EJ to make a statement against Ava. EJ refuses and says he's going home.

Jakarta: Johnny wakes up in restraints and tries to revive a similarly restrained Wendy. She comes around and says they know what Rolf did to Stefan. Johnny says they don't have enough to tie it back to EJ.

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Rolf finds his prisoners awake. Wendy brings up his dirty deeds and Rolf says he doesn't like to be spied on. He takes the recording and destroys it in a machine. He fills a syringe. Wendy tries to appeal to his softer side and wonders why he's interfering with people who love each other. 

Johnny says they will tell Gabi the truth, but Rolf explains she already knows, but has forgotten...thanks to his magic serum. Rolf says they will return to Salem with no memory of what happened. (His serum is called CRS-17...Can't Remember Stuff.)

Wendy struggles as Rolf taunts her with the needle. Johnny, who must have gotten free, grabs Rolf by the arm and tells him to leave Wendy alone. Johnny unties Wendy and the two fight him until Wendy clocks him in the head. Rolf goes down.

DiMera mansion: Chloe questions why Stefan told Gabi they wouldn't miss her wedding. Stefan explains he wants to see what Gabi does to Li on their wedding. He doesn't think Gabi really loves Li. Stefan thinks it's all about money and power, but Chloe thinks it's about him. She doesn't understand why Stefan wants to hurt her. Stefan claims he only cares about Chloe and doesn't want to hurt her.

A ragged EJ comes in and pours a drink. Stefan questions him about his appearance and asks if he was in an accident. EJ says he wasn't, but his mother was, and she's dead.

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-Gabi shows Li the invitations and he agrees they were a good choice.

-Rolf is restrained by Wendy and Johnny. They tell Rolf they're heading home with news for Gabi.

-Sarah's watching a news bulletin about Susan's kidnapping. Xander asks what happened and Sarah says Susan's dead.

-EJ throw barware at the fireplace and falls apart. He's enraged and sad as he realizes Susan's gone. He tells Stefan and Chloe it's all his fault.

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