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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Vows to Expose Linc as a Sexual Predator on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for November 22, 2022
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Amanda Setton

Amanda Setton

On today’s General Hospital recap: Brook Lynn and Chase meet with Linc and Blaze, who doesn't want to sing backup for Chase.

She says her part is boring even though it's been written more for Chase’s voice. Both notice that Linc gets very handsy with Blaze. Chase assures Blaze they can work together and Linc says it's on him to make it work as the newcomer.

Alone, Chase tells Blaze that Linc getting handsy with her is sexual harassment, but she says she has a contract and doesn't want to be known as difficult. 

Linc waxes poetic about Blaze, though Brook Lynn is disgusted by his advances. He mentions another teen star he's "managing" and Brook Lynn decides she's going to expose him for the sexual predator he is.

Linc says no one will believe her, but she says she only needs to put it out in the universe. She's certain other women will come forward. Brook Lynn says she'll destroy him and take his clients. He offers her songs back instead. 

Nina interrupts Sam and Dante's lunch to ask him if Ava is in danger from Esme, but Dante says the investigation is ongoing. Dante tells her to go ahead and live her life and not worry about it.

Alexis wants a scoop, but Dante says he can't give her more information 

Sam tells Alexis that Cody made a comment about possible illegal activity in Dante's past and how she wants to know what it is. 

Alexis complains to Sam that no one is talking to her about the hooker and is tired of sitting on the letter from the killer. Alexis leaves a message for Jordan that she will print the letter tomorrow.

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Nina and Liesl get caught up on Thanksgiving plans and how Sonny is inviting anyone and everyone. 

Previous General Hospital (GH) Recap: Holly Tells Robert She Shot Lucy

Carly happens to run into Michael and Willow, who are at the hospital for her first chemo treatment. Willow tells TJ she doesn't want anyone to know about her diagnosis yet.

Michael mentions to Carly that Willow has decided to try and find her bio parents. Carly wonders why and Michael says they want more information for the baby's history.

Carly asks about their Thanksgiving plans and they explain they won't be attending Sonny's because of Nina's false accusations of Willow’s cheating. 

Holly insists Robert has no idea she's faking her amnesia, but Victor accuses her of lying. Victor says he's worked too hard to be stopped now and will kill Ethan, just as easily as he killed Luke. He says Holly has more to lose and not to arouse Robert's suspicions. 

Cody questions what's wrong with Britt and offers his help. Britt rants about Faison's reach even in death. Cody tries to commiserate by comparing his poor childhood, but Britt's not accepting it. Britt lets down her guard and talks about her father's legacy. Before she can tell him about her diagnosis, Cody thinks she's talking about the necklace and offers to take it off her hands. Britt realizes it’s all he wanted all along. 

Britt's ready to throw Cody out on his keester when Robert shows up with a warrant for the necklace. Cody refuses, but Robert says the diamonds in the necklace were stolen and insists he take it. Robert cuffs the suitcase to his wrist. Victor's minions see it and report back to him. 

Cody apologizes to Britt for thinking she was talking about the necklace, but she refuses to tell him what she was really talking about. Liesl arrives, and after Cody leaves, Britt tells her that she's sick. 

Victor tells Holly her job is to get the briefcase from Robert before the WSB shows up to pick it up from him. (*Great big giant fat kudos to Kelly Thiebaud for amazing work yesterday and today. The sheer feeling of exhaustion and defeat was brilliantly pulled off. I will miss her greatly*)

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