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The Young and the Restless Recap: Daniel’s Return Leaves Things Chilly Between Billy and Lily

The Young and the Restless Recap for November 22, 2022
Michael Graziadei

Michael Graziadei

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Reunion: Daniel and Lily embrace. He’s spending the holiday with Phyllis and Summer. Lily wonders if Heather and Lucy are with him. They’re in Europe as Heather got a short-term gig in Portugal (clearly that is not the whole story). They grab drinks and reminisce about their childhood hijinks. (Their chemistry is still GOLD.)

Daniel is so impressed with the CEO Lily has become. Lily is equally as impressed with Daniel becoming a world-renowned artist. He says he’s not painting now, but has a new creative direction - he’ll give her more information soon. They shift topics and discuss Billy. Lily tries to explain how they work together, but Daniel is clearly skeptical. Daniel says he’s kept up with folks in Genoa City a bit and is somewhat surprised how many things have changed. Just then, Billy returns from seeing Chelsea.

Lily is chilly when she sees Billy. (That whole sentence made me giggle.) Billy seems pleasantly surprised to see Daniel. They exchange pleasantries with an icy tinge. Daniel begs off saying his food is ready, but would love to catch up. Before he exits, he says he would love to pitch his new creative idea. After Daniel exits, Billy focuses on the menu.

Sally’s Choice: Adam is at the glitter basement pleading with Sally to marry him. She thinks he’s a little drunk, but he doubles down. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Adam’s sudden course correct seems out of the blue to Sally. She thinks he’s pulling out all the stops to manipulate her.

As she leaves, Adam grabs her arm, which triggers Nicholas’ innate instinct to play Captain Save-A-Ho. Adam thinks Nicholas is jealous seeing them together. Nicholas thinks Adam should keep his hands to himself. Sally wonders if she gets a say. Sally asks Adam to stop this foolishness and exits with Nicholas in tow.

Nicholas and Sally arrive at The Grand Phoenix. He is upset Adam that grabbed her arm, but also didn’t want to make the situation worse. Sally says the arm grab wasn’t the worst of it - Adam proposed saying they belong together. Nicholas thinks his brother is willing to do anything to rip them apart. Sally says she likes being with Nicholas (which is not exactly what the look in her eyes portrayed when Adam proposed). With that, Nicholas bids her good night.

A very tipsy Adam arrives at Sally’s room. He invites himself in and tries to get another drink. Sally stops him and says his behavior is maddening. Why did he do what he did? Adam says the two of them are magic. Why would she rob herself of that type of relationship? (Oh Adam…that’s probably not the appropriate move.) He agrees he may be a little drunk, but has also never had more clarity about anything ever. Adam also understands that he screwed up their relationship - but he did it because he loves her. Adam says he was willing to “cut out a piece of his heart” to make sure she succeeded (That line is just stunningly good.) Adam knows the real Sally and loves ever part of her. With Nicholas, it’s purely physical and will never treat her the way she deserves - and Nicholas is always looking for a replacement for Chelsea. Sally is rightfully offended by his words. Adam doubles down basically saying - he said what he said.

Jack vs. Tucker: Tucker is in his hotel room when a not so smilin' Jack arrives. He tells Tucker that whatever he is planning won’t work. Jack warns Tucker to keep his grimy paws off Jabot. Tucker says he can’t have Ashley and Jabot - logic tells him Ashley is just a means to an end. Tucker thinks the entirety of Genoa City is incapable of seeing the forest for the trees. Jack thinks Tucker is a fool to think he can outwit both him and Ashley - and also to think that Ashley would ever fall back in love with him. As Jack ramps up, Tucker stays calm saying he’s having fun watching Jack sweat.

Diane vs. Ashley: Diane arrives at the Abbott mansion looking for Kyle, only to encounter a very self-righteous Ashley. She does a little wash/rinse/repeat saying Diane should book it out of town on a jet plane.

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Diane scoffs saying she may not have many allies, but she has the truth on her side. She has told both Jack and Kyle everything Tucker is planning. Further, Jack sees how the trifecta of evil has been actively plotting against her. In fact, Diane thinks Ashley is the most evil of the three because she’s letting Nikki and Phyllis do her dirty work for her. Ashley counters by saying Jack’s good will towards her is waning.

Diane thinks she’s just petty (yeah, yeah, she’s petty). Ashley feels sorry for Kyle since all he ever wanted was a mother and he got Diane. Ashley doubles down saying that Jeremy’s impending return (why would anyone think he would come to Genoa City?) should have her shaking in her boots. Diane thinks Ashley is the one who should be worried.

Diane tries to explain if Jeremy comes after her, it puts the entire Abbott family in danger. Ashley thinks she is shameless and gross for using her son and grandson as a human shield. (Again, I think we’re supposed to be rooting for Ashley, but I’m Team Diane.) They shift to going back and forth about Tucker when Jack arrives furious that they are sniping at one another with Harrison around.

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-Nicholas arrives at Crimson Lights and encounters Chelsea. Sharon has filled him in on her new apartment. They wish each other a great Thanksgiving holiday.

-Billy apologizes for taking so long, but was glad Daniel was there to be his “seat-filler”. Lily scoffs saying that’s not exactly accurate. Lily shifts topics and wants to discuss Thanksgiving. She thinks they should help Sharon at Crimson Lights, then eat with their respective families.

-Billy asks if they can include Chelsea and Connor in their plans just in case she can’t hang with Adam. Billy to go into automatic pilot mode and trashes Adam. Lily is losing patience with Billy making assumptions.

-Adam slurs as he explains to Sally that Chelsea is going through a lot. He alluded to Nicholas having impacted Chelsea’s state of mind, but leaves it alone. Adam shifts to reminding Sally he meant what he said about them as a couple. He loves her and wants to be with her. With that, he asks her to consider his proposal and exits.

-Daniel arrives at Crimson Lights and runs into Nicholas. They embrace and quickly catch up. He is once again confronted with questions about Heather and Lucy.

-Diane thinks Ashley is blinded by hatred. Ashley gets snarky before Diane doubles down, reminding her that Tucker is after Jabot. Jack interrupts saying Diane is right about Tucker. Diane reminds both of them that she knows how Tucker currently operates better than anyone.

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