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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Taylor is Forced to Choose Between Honesty and a Happy Ending

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for November 23, 2022
Krista Allen

Krista Allen

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Daddy’s Home: Donna and Katie are commiserating with Brooke when Stephen and his girlfriend Lucy arrive! They are all thrilled to be together! Stephen and Lucy are just passing through L.A. and wanted to surprise them. Lucy says Stephen has been bragging about all their successes and just what an unstoppable team the Logans and Forresters are. Brooke shoots a pained look at her sisters. Stephen wonders what’s going on. Brooke fills them in that Ridge is marrying Taylor.

Brooke tries to explain to everyone about her contentious relationship with Thomas and how she suspects it damaged her marriage. Katie thinks whatever Thomas said or did clearly worked. Stephen just doesn’t understand how all this happened, but wants to help. Brooke assures him that just his being with her is all she could want. They continue to beat a dead horse named Fickle Ridge - round and round they go.

Wedding Day Drama: The folks downstairs are discussing how lackluster Douglas seems to be. Ridge doesn’t think he’s sick, just preoccupied. Li says they should all concentrate on the happy events of the day. Carter tells Ridge it’s his wedding day and is there to “support and facilitate” - which is true, but not terribly celebratory. Eric pipes up wondering where Thomas and Steffy are. Finn and Carter think emotions must be running high on such an important day. Finn reports that Thomas and Steffy are hanging with Taylor and Ridge says they should let them have their moment.

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Taylor doesn’t understand what is going on between Steffy and Thomas. It’s her wedding day! Each time Steffy tries to tell Taylor the truth, Thomas interrupts. She finally stops everything and says Taylor has to know what Thomas did before she walks down the aisle. Taylor is freaked out because she’s traumatized from her last walk down the aisle with Ridge. Thomas tells Steffy she’ll ruin everything is she tells. Steffy counters that Thomas is the one who responsible for any disasters today. Taylor flips on Thomas yelling, “what did you do!” Steffy defies Thomas telling Taylor that Brooke never called Child Protective Services. Taylor is clearly thrown but calmly asks for more details. With that, Steffy presses play on Douglas’ phone. At first, Taylor doesn’t understand why Douglas would frame Brooke… then, Steffy cues up Thomas’ recording. As soon as Taylor hears his voice, her eyes well up with tears.

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Taylor is devastated by Thomas’ actions but he doubles down saying he did it and it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matter is the result - Brooke is gone and Taylor and Ridge are getting married. Steffy insists they tell Ridge because their marriage can’t be based on a lie. Taylor begins to pace as Steffy berates Thomas that Ridge deserves to know that Brooke didn’t betray him. Thomas wonders why she is so determined to blow up their family happiness. Taylor is beside herself as she thought Thomas had changed and is so upset he manipulated this entire situation. Thomas contends he has changed as evidence by his devotion to his family.

Taylor tries to reason through what she should do next. Surely Ridge isn’t with her just because of Brooke did (rationalization, party of one, your table is ready). Steffy agrees with her but urges her to tell Ridge. Thomas says if they tell his relationship with Ridge will be ruined (will Thomas finally find out after he’s f***** around?). Taylor’s mind spins as Steffy and Thomas continue acting as the angel and devil on her shoulder. Taylor seems like she might genuinely hyperventilate and pass out. Finally, Taylor asks her kids to scram so she can think.

Steffy and Thomas make a tension filled entrance. Ridge wonders whatever could be the matter. Thomas immediately scrambles saying they are all just thrilled that their family is reuniting. Douglas glares at Steffy who gives him a reassuring nod. As Steffy makes her way to the altar, she slips Douglas his phone. The music begins to play and Taylor arrives clearly overwhelmed by the decision she’s about to make. She gets a reassuring smile from Thomas and a slight glare from Steffy. She makes it down the aisle and Ridge asks her if she’s ok. 

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