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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kate Encourages Jada to Fight for Eric

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 23, 2022
Days of Our Lives Recap

Elia Cantu, Lauren Koslow

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

The Brady Pub: Roman is checking in with Steve and Kayla about Tripp when Eric arrives. He lets Roman know that Jada is pregnant. It’s a blessing because he’s always wanted children, but it’s complicated because he’s back together with Nicole. Roman isn’t surprised and just wants his son to be happy. Eric doesn’t even know what Jada thinks about keeping the baby, but doesn’t want to influence her decision.

A New Friendship: Jada is at home packing a bag when Kate arrives to tell Jada that Thanksgiving dinner will be ready in an hour. Jada quickly informs her that she’s moving out. She informs Kate that Eric and Nicole are back together, and she’s pregnant. Jada isn’t looking to trap a man who doesn’t want her. Kate pushes back saying it’s clear that Eric has feelings for Jada, and she’s carrying his baby. Maybe Jada shouldn’t give up on her relationship with Eric… besides, Eric and Nicole have broken up and gotten back together eleventy times. Kate wants her to fight for Eric. Jada isn’t concerned about Eric as she is trying to decide if she wants to continue her pregnancy. If Nicole wasn’t in the picture, things would be different. Jada thanks Kate for listening, and says she’ll think about coming to dinner.

Chez Hernandez: Nicole arrives at Chez Hernandez to return her key and flashes back to fonder days with Rafe. Just then, Rafe makes his presence known. She came to get the rest of her things, and thought he would be at the station. Rafe isn’t surprised as Nicole always takes the easy way out (I’m still enjoying snarky Rafe). They both shift to discussing how bad they feel about Ava and Susan - and how worried they are about EJ. Their conversation returns to their dead relationship. They decide to hire lawyers and end things after the holiday.

Rafe begins to prepare Thanksgiving dinner while they awkwardly discuss Holly. They shift to the meal he’s preparing for Gabi and Li - the one Nicole should be helping him prepare. Suddenly, Nicole remembers she was supposed to make Pumpkin Pie. Nicole offers to help and he reluctantly agrees.

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Casa de Horton/Price: Allie is talking to Tripp and offers condolences about Ava. Just then, Abe arrives to check in. He notices she’s prepared Big Mama’s Sweet Potato pie for Chanel and Paulina. Allie asks about Abe’s recent visit with Lani. She’s all good but misses everyone (I miss Lani and Eli). They move on to discussing Chanel. Paulina is with her at the station and asked Abe to check on Allie. She’s terrified about their future with the uncertainty of Chanel’s charges. Abe says Chanel never intended to hurt the woman who was killed, but what concerns him is the cover up. Paulina meant well, but it could backfire. Abe tells Allie they have to be strong (these scenes are good). Allie is disappointed that they won’t all be spending the holiday together, but Abe thinks he can pull some strings.

Salem PD: Paulina embraces Chanel in the interrogation room and wishes her a Happy Thanksgiving. Paulina wanted to come sooner but she was advised to steer clear. Chanel is devastated that she ruined her election day, but Paulina stops her saying Trask is the only one to blame. Paulina goes on to say that the woman lured her to that roof and attacked her - Chanel was only defending herself. Chanel reminds her mother that she was sleeping with the woman’s husband - her professor. Paulina won’t let her take the blame saying the man preyed upon her. Paulina thinks if she hadn’t pushed the woman off the roof, Chanel might have been the one who was tragically killed. She mentions the daughter and then realizes that Chanel doesn’t know that Sloan Peterson is the aforementioned daughter. Sloan was blackmailing Paulina to avenge her mother. Chanel knew that her professor/lover had two kids (Sloan has a sibling!), but didn’t know any details. Paulina goes on to explain how dad made Sloan think her mother died by suicide.

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-Chanel is worried now that Allie knows the truth, she won’t want to be with her. Just then, Abe and Allie arrive with Thanksgiving goodies. They enjoy their time together despite the dire circumstances.

-Nicole and Rafe finish up their meal prep when Nicole wants to express her sorrow about the end of their relationship. Rafe breaks for a minute and says maybe Nicole’s affair with Eric is karma for cheating on Ava… with Nicole. Because of their history, she wishes they could still be friends. Rafe doesn’t think that’s possible for the time being. With that, she grabs her stuff, cries some more, and says goodbye… and leaves the door open (really?). Kate returns to The Pub saying she invited Jada to dinner. Just then, Jada arrives ready to break bread. Roman and Kate exit to check on dinner. She informs Eric about her conversation with Kate, and says she’s made a decision about her pregnancy. We fast forward to the end of dinner and how stuffed they all are. Roman says they need to go around the table and say what they are all thankful for. Kate and Roman are thankful for each other and the fact that Orpheus didn’t succeed with his dastardly plans. Eric is thankful that Jada decided to continue her pregnancy. They all celebrate and hug just as Nicole arrives.

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