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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena Consoles a Distraught EJ Over The Loss of His Mother

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 24, 2022
Dr. Marlena Evans, Days of Our Lives

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Kiriakis mansion: Alex surprises Stephanie with second date, another Thanksgiving dinner. They talk about Bonnie's rescue as Alex reveals a special treat. Grandma Jo's stuffing muffins, which Stephanie is excited about. Alex is happy with the way they turned out, but maybe they had too much sage. He tells Stephanie he has a very sophisticated meant palate...really (!!). He decides the muffins are orgasmic. Alex kisses her and promises to up his game on the next date.

Rafe's: Rafe is about to put Nicole's pumpkin pie into the oven. He recalls the previous day and tosses it into the garbage instead. Gabi senses Rafe's sadness, but scolds him for feeling down about fickle Nicole. Rafe explains that Nicole dropped off a pumpkin pie, which Li is happy about. Gabi thinks Nicole should be miserable. Li is distressed when he learns that Rafe trashed the pie.

Gabi's excited to hear about Jada's pregnancy, which may leave Nicole all alone. Li doesn't think Gabi is helping her brother. Rafe tells Gabi not to gloat. He wants his Thanksgiving to focus on the positive, like their upcoming wedding.

Brady Pub: Nicole's about to walk into the pub, but remembers what Eric said about Jada. She has a change of heart and leaves. Eric tells Jada he's happy she stayed for Thanksgiving. The two talk about their future as parents, but Jada worries how Nicole will react to her keeping the baby. Eric thinks Nicole will be supportive of their decision to coparent, but Jada disagrees.

Eric tells Jada not to move out because he wants to be involved as much as possible. Jada questions Nicole's role and Eric says he'll talk to her about it. Jada agrees to stay for the time being.

DiMera mansion: EJ deletes Rafe's latest voicemail encouraging him to make a formal statement. Marlena pops in to offer her condolences. EJ says he hasn't told Johnny and still blames himself. EJ confesses that Ava retaliated because he exposed her fraudulent marriage and banished her from Salem.

EJ explains how he could have stopped Ava, but he chose to try to outmaneuver her, leading to Susan's death. He brings up a similar situation regarding Abigail's murder by Clyde. Marlena tells him that he's not responsible for Ava or Clyde's actions. EJ says he didn't speak up when Clyde threatened his family and he didn't listen when Tony begged him to pay the ransom. His ego resulted in two deaths. Marlena says Susan wouldn't want him to beat himself up over it.

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Marlena tells EJ that he was the love of Susan's life. She explains how much Susan talked about him as a great son and father. EJ recalls how fearless Susan was when anyone threatened her family. EJ turns their chat toward her warm relationship with Marlena. EJ says Susan was the best of him. Marlena fondly tells him about the Marlena doll Susan made for her wedding.

Horton Square: Paulina invites Nicole for leftovers so she and Abe can catch up. Nicole tells Abe and Paulina about Jada's pregnancy. Paulina asks about her and Eric, but Nicole admits she left without talking to him.

Nicole says she wanted to talk to Eric before he talked to Jada. Abe tells her that there may be more to the story and she may have misunderstood. Nicole's certain she's out and Jada's in. Paulina thinks if Eric is going to dump Nicole, then Eric has to make the first move. She encourages Abe to talk to Eric, but he doesn't think he should interfere. Paulina says she'll handle Eric if Abe won't.

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-Rafe tells Gabi and Li to get to the table. Li's very concerned about the lack of dessert options. Rafe puts a picture of him and Nicole in a drawer.

-Nicole tells Paulina and Abe she'll deal with Eric herself. Paulina says she'll be there if Nicole needs her. She tells Nicole not to take a back seat and fight for Eric.

-Eric tells Jada he wants to tell his mother about the baby before talking to Nicole.

-Marlena unpacks the doll and puts it on the mantle.

-EJ visits the cliff with flowers and mourns his mother.

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